According to a tweet from Elon Musk, starting now, all accounts marked with the 𝕏 symbol and having more than 2500 verified subscribers will receive Premium features at no cost, while those with over 5000 verified subscribers will enjoy Premium+ features for free.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the realm of Twitter verification, elucidate the process of attaining verification, and unveil strategies to locate verified Twitter profiles across various subjects or disciplines.

Exploring Twitter Verification

Twitter verification has evolved into a pivotal aspect of the platform, distinguishing genuine, noteworthy accounts from counterfeit or satirical ones. Historically, obtaining the coveted blue checkmark symbolized credibility and status, an achievement that wasn’t easily attained.

However, with the introduction of Twitter Blue by Elon Musk, the landscape of verification underwent a significant transformation. Twitter Blue now offers users the opportunity to acquire the esteemed blue badge by simply subscribing to a monthly plan.

Obtaining Verification

Gone are the days of complex verification procedures. To become verified, one must simply follow a few straightforward steps: visit the designated link, review the provided information, register via the web or iOS platform, and remit the subscription fee. Upon verification by Twitter, the esteemed blue checkmark will adorn your profile, signifying authenticity.

The Value of the Blue Tick

With the process of verification seemingly commodified, one may question the significance of obtaining the blue tick. However, Twitter Blue extends beyond mere validation, offering an array of enticing features tailored to enhance user experience.

Features of Twitter Blue

  • Unlimited Bookmarks: Organize and archive tweets into private folders effortlessly.
  • Twitter Thread Reader: Immerse yourself in a seamless reading experience with this innovative feature.
  • Top Articles Shortcut: Access the most widely shared articles within your network conveniently.
  • Personalized App Experience: Customize navigation, icons, and theme colors to suit your preferences.
  • Prioritized Reply and Conversation Features: Engage with followers more effectively with prioritized response options.
  • Tweet Retraction: Rectify errors by retracting tweets before they become public.
  • Extended Video Uploads: Enjoy the flexibility of uploading longer videos, up to 60 minutes in duration.

The Significance of Verification

Despite the ease of verification, possessing a verified account remains a valuable indicator of authenticity. It assures users that they are interacting with legitimate entities rather than automated bots.

Finding Verified Accounts

Locating verified accounts on Twitter is a straightforward process, thanks to the platform’s Advanced Search feature. By leveraging this tool, users can filter search results to display only verified accounts, streamlining the discovery process.

Just take the mouse over the twitter handle that you see on twitter, wait and then you see the details tap on the followers and there you get verified account followers, followers and following, it is that simple.

In conclusion, Twitter verification, once a symbol of exclusivity, has now become more accessible through Twitter Blue. However, the blue checkmark continues to hold significance, serving as a beacon of authenticity in an ever-expanding digital landscape.