Reliance is now using eKYC (Know your customer) Aadhaar based biometric on the spot verification system, implemented at many locations. You need to carry your Aadhaar card and either scan your eye (retina scan) or scan your finger print.

Documents you need to carry when applying for Relaince Jio with welcome offer

You need to generate the welcome offer code on your mobile. You can read this post here on how to generate the code.

The next thing you need to carry is your Aadhaar card, that’s it. There is no need to carry any ID proof / Xerox and there is no need to even carry your photo.

How does Reliance eKYC work?

If you have gone through the manual process when applying for Reliance Jio SIM, you will understand better. When applying manually you might have filled the form or the reliance staff might have filled the form on your behalf. Along will the form there was a need to attach your photo and Aadhaar or photo ID / Address proof Xerox.

With eKYC there is no need to carry any documents. Just carry your Aadhaar card and the code that you generated on your mobile. The reliance staff member will input your Aadhaar ID into an app on their mobile / tablet and also enter your alternate mobile number, and for verification you will need to either scan your finger print or retina (eye scan). The staff personal will then enter some more details like the SIM number / other number etc and after verification the data is automatically filled (taken from Aadhaar database) into a digital form. After that the staff personal will enter the offer bar-code and will submit the details – that’s it.

reliance jio eKYC on the spot verification

You will instantly get submission / Welcome SMS on your alternate mobile number – (If you are using Airtel you may or may not get any SMS, but don’t worry the Jio SIM should get activated within 24 to 48 hours).

eKYC is really fast, it’s instant verification and submission. Once you submit the details using eKYC the Jio SIM will get activated within few minutes to less than 24 hours.

My Jio SIM is now active with Welcome offer.

What to do if your Jio SIM is still not active?

Actually my SIM might have got activated a long time back, but it was still showing disabled non active. What I did was removed my primary SIM and used the reliance SIM in its place. I think it has to do with Mobile setting if your SIM setting is set to 3G / 2G then the Reliance JIO SIM will be inactive you need to switch to 4G to make it to work.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -