Getting a Reliance Jio SIM is now even faster, though it does take time to get a token, but the process thanks to eKYC is pretty fast. With eKYC you can get the Jio SIM activated within few hours. Your Reliance Jio SIM may be active but it still may not work on your phone – here is the reason why.

Once the formality is done you will get the Reliance Jio SIM, that will be inactive. You can place the SIM in your mobile and wait for it to get activated. Sometimes the SIM might get activated instantly or within few minutes.

Usually the SIM gets activated within 2 hours or max within 24 hours after eKYC. If you are still seeing no signal on your mobile phone for the reliance Jio SIM, make sure to check the following.

Jio SIM might be active but showing inactive on your mobile phone

There is a chance that the SIM is active but it is showing as inactive on your mobile. Almost all of the mobile users may be using the second SIM slot – i.e. they might have put the reliance SIM in the 2nd SIM slot on their mobile phone.

Reliance jio sim not working here is the reason why

The reliance SIM will not work if your handset does not support 4G. Now the problem when using the 2nd SIM on most smartphones is that they are by default set to 3G/2G mode. And if that is so then you will always see the reliance jio SIM as inactive.

Follow this step to enable 4G and get Reliance Jio SIM to work

It is better to cross check if your 2nd SIM is set to 4G. Go to settings – Network settings and for SIM 2 change the preferred network type to 4G, if it was 2G/3G then reliance SIM will not work. So better change that to 4G.

If you have put the reliance Jio SIM in SIM Slot 2 and you are not getting any signal (x) then make sure the SIM preferred network is set to 4G, once you do that and if the SIM is active it will work.

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -