Editorial Team

Rajeev (Gogi) RanaRajeev Rana (Gogi Rana) (over 5412 articles)
Editor in Chief | Follow him on Twitter | Facebook | Google+

Rajeev B Rana has over 10 years experience in technology sector. A software developer, web designer, programmer, pro photographer and loves gadgets. Rajeev basically handles the review section, creates videos etc, and covers other areas as and when needed.

Amit Singh (over 278 articles)
Editor | Follow him on Facebook

Amit already has over 5 year experience in techno field. He loves wearable devices and latest smartphone. He will be covering latest tech news, especially – you guessed it right, wearable.

Mukesh Bhadricha
Senior Editor | Follow him on Google+

Mr. Mukesh, has been working with (gogi) for almost 10 years. He has been / is working for big publications too. He loves writing articles for gogi.in as and when he gets time.

Sunil Vyas (over 159 articles)
Contributing Editor

Sunil has been writing techno stuffs for the past 3 years, he is a MBA and his love for technology, the latest gadgets forced him to enter into this new arena – the Tech Arena. He is just Tecno Crazy.

Bharat Yadav (over 190 articles)

Bharat just finished college and is another guy crazy about technology. He loves tablets and you will definitely find one with him, and in case that sounds weird, he actually does more of his work on the tablet, of course with an attached keyboard.

Manoj Jain (over 156 articles)

Monoj loves iPhones unfortunately he never got a chance to own one, now he is finding love in Android. His reason for love for iPhone is weird, he says they launch new models every year not like Android!

Team Support

Shashi Kumar

Shashi handles the Proofreading part, before the article goes live. At times he does it after the content is live.

Nitin Gikwad
Image Editor

Nitin takes care of images that we get via press release. His job is to make it look good and edit / re-size it as need based on the site structure.

Pooja M. Shah
Web Designer

Pooja handles the site design, structure.

Francis Thomas

He is the VIP person, most of the time he is free but when there is a issue everyone else is not working except for Francis (very rare though). He also handles the site optimization part.

Pradeep Bhatt