I had just been to the Xpress Mini store and used the eKYC method using Aadhaar card. The process is really simple but you do need the Reliance Jio Welcome code generated on your mobile, in some cases the store will use a per-generated code but that’s very rare, so better be ready with the code.

How to generate the Jio code

On your Android mobile phone use Google Play store, search for My Jio then install that application. After installing the application, run the app, you might get option to get the Jio SIM / Generate the code or you will get option to install all the apps at once.

Tap install all the apps with a single click, the apps will install if you are using Marshmallow you will need to approve / accept each app request, let it install step by step and after it is done, you will get the option to create the code. There is no need to install all the apps after installing few apps you will get the Welcome offer screen.

On few mobiles the generate code option may not show up, you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling Jio app but if that does not work try it on some other smartphone.

Once you get the Jio Welcome offer screen you will need to enter the state / city and then for generating the code you will need to input your first name, last name and the current mobile number. You will then need to hit the generate OTP. The OTP will be sent to your mobile number once you enter the OTP, a bar code will be generated.

generated reliance Jio preview / welcome Code

Visit the nearest Reliance store with the code and with your Aadhaar card, it will take less than 4 minutes to auto verify your details using eKYC no other documents are needed.

I just did that, the reliance staff had a mobile running an app connected with external finger print sensor, my finger print was verified with Aadhaar database and all the required documents were filled in automatically, no need to sign, no need to submit photo, just carry your aadhaar card. The form is automatically filled in digital format and submitted.

So in case if you have filled the Jio form and have been waiting for a longer time, better visit the store and get the reliance Jio SIM using eKYC.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in