How to hard reset Micromax A116, and avoid Flipboard app

If you have already installed the Flipboard app on the Micromax A116 then you already know why. But in case you have not, do not try it. Installing Flipboard app on the Micromax A116 will cause a hell lot of issues and will make the OS unstable with launcher service stopped error popping up all the time.

The only way to recover is to hard reset the Micromax A116. The process is simple and a little different as the enter button is bit tricky. Check the procedure listed below. You will need to shut off the phone it again will be tricky as the error will keep popping the best way would be to remove the battery and insert it again.

How to hard reset Micromax A116 (canvas HD).

  • Shut the phone off.
  • Press Power button hold and then immediately press volume + and volume – simultaneously (all 3 buttons) until you get two options.
  • Press the volume up button to enter into the recovery mode.
  • You will see the android icon, and it will be the same for as long as you do not press the power button once. So press the power button once.
  • Then you will find the menu options. Use the volume up and down button to choose the option. And press the enter button to confirm it.
  • Now the enter button is a bit tricky and in fact a combination of two buttons. On other phones we have seen there is only one button but here it’s two. The power button on some handsets work as the enter button but not on A116. If you press the power button you will get the android image again press the power button again to come back to the menu. For enter button you need to press the left (context menu) and the right (back) touch sensitive buttons simultaneously and hold for a sec.
  • Choose the wipe data / factory reset then press the enter button as mentioned above you will then see some more options use the volume button to navigate to the yes option and press the enter button again. This will do the factory reset and then use volume button to select the reboot now option and press the enter button again. All done, back as it was when you opened the box pack.

How to factory reset Micromax A116 canvas HD

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  1. Rajesh Rai says

    Mr Gogi thanks for this article. I will also stuck in the recovery mode option. Tried your method of pressing both soft button at the same time, but it did not worked. So in frustration tried all type of key combination. But there was no progress. So finally started pressing many times left and right soft key. Finally it worked. Thanks for your idea.

  2. supreet singh says

    hello sir, my canvas hd a116 touch sensitive buttons are not working…what to do..i have formatted from backup & restore options as recovery node was not possible as touch buttons are not working……can u please help and suggest what to do…:(

  3. Thariq says

    From yesterday night My Canvas HD rebooting several times strangely. I don’t know how to solve. Plz help me out Gogi sir.

  4. Prasanna says

    Hi Gopi,

    The way you have explained the issue is interesting. And each steps are very clear. But I just want to tell you that, it is specifically designed for Micromax Canvas 116 HD, that you need to press Menu button + Home button simultaneously, to enter a option. Actually I tried it and it works for me.

    Anyway thanks for a good article.

    With regards,

  5. ankesh jain says

    Mr. Gogi,
    Enter button is not working in micromax A116. I tried Left context menu and right back button simultaneously but its not working and my pattern couldn’t be unlocked .
    help me…

  6. Rajendra says

    Hi i am facing problem with Micromax A 116 HD , till day before yesterday it was working fine and suddenly the touch screen was not working, hence i removed the battery and again installed it, but now when i reboot it just shows me Canvas HD and does not move any further, also i tried doing reset, on pressing volume buttons and power buttons i do see 2 option the options stay but doesnt get selected on holding the up or down key and once i press power it just rest at Canvas HD…… can you please help me

  7. Jeet Sherwani says

    Hey Dear.
    I have canvas HD and i flash rom of canvas 2.
    and it fails before completing.
    now i have installed original rom. but i am facing the problem of No sim card detected and also Invalid IMei… i tried engineering mode to write the imei but it also fails to write since it is saying radio is off…
    can u help me before i reach service center

  8. Preeti says

    touch-sensitive buttons on my canvas HD are not working.. :( so i cannot do hardreset. How to fix it. Is that a hardware issue?

  9. Aashish says

    Hello sir I am aashish here after getting all of d review about Micromax a116 canvas HD I bought this phone. It was working gud up to yet but sir now it giving some problem like my WiFi just showing WiFi turning on but it doesn’t. I am getting the same problem when I am. Try to make its Bluetooth and WiFi hotspot.
    Plz help me sir what to do m really got frustrated.

  10. kumar says

    Hi Gogi, does flashing A116 with CWM recovery void its warranty? Please inform, my stock recovery mode is not working. I was thinking to falsh CWM recovery, but needed your advice before doing it. Thanks.

  11. rathi.darshan says

    hey Gogi!
    first of all great work, you have been helping us a lot.
    there is one issue with my micromax a116, i bought it last week and since then every day there is a problem with the phone. whenever i open any app like messaging,team bhp etc my phone hangs and the “launcher doesnt respond ” issue appears on my phone. Any way to fix this? micromax service is not trustworthy so dont want to waste time on it

    • Gogi Rana says

      Hi its a software issue. Do a factory reset and it should solve it, if not you might want to take it to the service center, they will re-install the OS.

  12. aijaz says

    Replaced my phone 2 times but after few days days of use there is noise in loudspeaker in music as well as call?
    Annoyed with this..

  13. Amandeep Singh says

    Thanks A lot sir ji for this solution actually i bought this phone day before yesterday and set a new lock pattern and forgot it in some time and your solution resolved my problem.

  14. shreekant dhanani says

    hey gogi

    Prob on my Canvas HD

    My auto rotation feature or g sensor stops working after some time…
    And starts working on reboot again for some time…

    Already done G- Sensor calibration many a times as said by micromax..but this prob continues. please give a solution. thank you gogi..

  15. devang says

    thanks gogi… its wonderful contribution from you. I was stuck in recovery mode to select any choice but your resolution made it perfect. Thanks

  16. Santosh Singh says

    Hi Gogi! Micromax has released a new firmware for A116 to fix the issue with Flipboard app and also has some enhancements. You may check it out at their FTP site!

  17. CanvasHD'er says

    I was facing a peculiar issue with my Canvas HD, the settings screen was not opening, it used to flash and disappear so had to do a hard reset to my device. the touch sensitive buttons as indicated above did not work for me I used the left context menu button and the home button. Problem is solved now.