The Micromax A116 with quad core processor sails on Jelly Bean OS with 1GB RAM and 4GB internal storage. The handset comes with 8MP rear camera with LED flash and a front 2MP camera for video call. Seems like a very good buy, for the price do read the full review and also check the videos.

A116 box pack
The box pack contains the handset, earphones, travel charger, USB to micro USB cable, warranty statement and user guide. The sar value as mentioned on the box pack is 0.472 W/kg. The MRP as mentioned on Box is 17,499 but you get it for Rs. 13,990.

The A116 looks much like the Micromax A110. There is 3 touch buttons on the bottom, in-call speaker on top along with sensors and front 2MP camera. The power button is on the right side and volume rockers on the left side. On the top side there is the 3.5mm jack and micro USB port. There is an LED indicator close to the in call speaker. The handset is 10.7 mm thick.

Display, CPU and GPU
The 5 inch display supports an amazing resolution of 1280×720 pixels (293.72ppi). The viewing angles are really good and I think it does comes with some level of scratch resistant protection just like the A110. The touch is very smooth, in fact better than what I have experienced on the Micromax A110. There is light, Gsensor and proximity sensors. There is no magnetic sensor.

The CPU used is MediaTek’s MT6589 quad core coupled with PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU. The hardware is quite powerful and there are no noticeable lags.

Micromax A116 box pack

Memory, Storage and OS
The dual SIM A116 comes with 1GB RAM and 4GB internal storage.

  • 0.96 GB is allocated for apps of which 0.91GB is free.
  • You get 1.8GB free internal SD space.
  • Of the 1GB RAM you get about 644MB free.
  • Micro SD card of up to 32GB is supported but the apps are stored on the internal storage. I will check this further when doing the gaming review.
  • The handset sails on the Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 OS.

Micromax A116 review

The Micromax A116 or Micromax Canvas HD runs on the quad core processor and the benchmark scores are higher than the MediaTek dual core processor. As compared with galaxy grand there is not much of a difference with quadrant, but the antutu score are much higher. And as compared to the Galaxy Note 2 the scores are not that bad.

Benchmark scores

  • Quadrant Benchmark : 4039, 2nd time – 3881.
  • Anututu Benchmark : 13131, 2nd time – 12613.
  • Nenamark2 : 40.5fps.
  • Linpack : single 37, multi 100.
  • Multi Touch : 5 point.

The handset can play full HD videos MP4, 3GP and many other formats. The sound quality (music) is good, the sound is clear there is the audio enhancement option in user profiles which kind of add surround sound effects.

8MP Auto Focus Camera
When the Micromax A116 was announced there were speculations that it can play only HD videos i.e. 720p resolution and can also record videos in 720p resolution. Incidentally the Micromax’s own website stats that the handset can record HD videos (720p resolution) it does not mention anything about 1080p.

But the good news is the camera of 8MP resolution can not only record videos in 1080p resolution (3gp video format) but also play it smoothly without any lags. The auto focus is good. There is no panorama option though. When using the video mode the subject gets a bit closer (zoom in).

The camera quality is really good, better than what I have seen on 6577 MediaTek handsets this includes Micromax A110, Lava Iris 501 and so on. You can check the sample videos and images at the end of the article. There is LED flash support and a front 2MP camera for video chat.

Micromax A116 8mp camera

Phone features
The phone dialer does not have the video call button and you need to browse the contacts, select one and you will find the video call icon. The in call speaker is really good, loud and clear. The loud speaker is also loud and clear. This handset supports up to 21Mbps 3G speed (depends on the network ).

I was using the SIM 1 (on call) and then used another phone to call on SIM 2 but could not reach it. I think its dual standby mode and not dual active.

There is 3G, Wi-Fi with hotspot, Bluetooth with tethering, micro USB port with USB tethering and 3.5mm jack. In settings, user profile there is an option to enhance sound output via earphone.

There is also built in GPS. Getting a GPS lock is not easy it takes time. I had to download the GPS test and it worked and got the lock within 30 seconds. Once you get the lock for the first time the subsequent locks are much faster.

The handset is powerful and comes with 1GB RAM. I think it should easily play many high end games. The only issue I see the that the apps / games are stored on the internal storage (I will look into it when doing the gaming video).

The 2000 mAh battery capacity is similar to as found on the A110, however the battery size is slightly smaller in size. I am still testing the battery but I think it will easily last for over 24 hours on a full charge.

Update: I charged the battery until the indicator turned green. But it was still at 93% I guess it will fix after few charging cycles. Charging is faster via charger. At 93% I got the green light but on the handset its still said charging. I kept it on charger for some more time and it reached 100%.

I got a full 28 hours backup with moderate usage (call, Wi-Fi, 3G etc). I think it will easily last for over a day. I had enabled auto brightness, with fixed brightness (low) you can get more battery juice.

Micromax A116 review
For the price of Rs. 13,490 this is an excellent device which runs on a quad core platform with Jelly Bean OS and camera with 1080p recording and playback. The benchmark scores are not that bad, do check the benchmark score of Samsung Galaxy Grand and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. You will find that there is not much of a difference.

I believe the Micromax A116 is the best buy for under Rs. 14,000. There are some Chinese companies waiting to launch their version of quad core at an even competitive price, well they are still waiting, but for now the Micromax Canvas HD is something that cannot be ignored.

Now between Samsung Galaxy Grand or the MMX A116 what would you choose?

In case of Micromax A116 Calibration issue follow the steps.

  1. Switch off the phone.
  2. Press the 3 keys together : (up and down volume key) and power key together.
  3. The user would get Two options “recovery mode and factory mode” Press the volume down key to enter to the factory mode.
  4. Now using volume down key scroll down and select the item test option by pressing the setting key.
  5. Scroll down and select the g-sensor calibration option.
  6. Now put down the phone such that its body is on the plain surface of table and the back camera is not touching the surface i.e. Back camera side is outside the plain surface.
  7. After that press the settings key. Do not touch the phone while calibration is going on.
  8. When calibration is done it will show you the message on the screen as calibration done.
  9. Once it is done move back and scroll down to choose the reboot option, to reboot the phone.

Image Gallery

Sample Images

Sample images low light / no light conditions
Image 1 : Full dark Room shot from 6 to 7 feet away. (tap screen to focus before taking shot)
Image 2 : Full dark Room shot from 3 to 4 feet away. (tap screen to focus before taking shot)
Image 3  and 4 : Flash off, shot at night time with streets light – auto focus.
Image 4 : Shot in normal home light (Tube light) with flash on.

2MP front camera sample

Micromax A116 unboxing and review

1080p video recorded using the A116 camera

Can the Micromax Canvas HD play full HD video?

Modern Combat 3 on Micromax A116

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