9000 Micromax Canvas HD A116 sold within 24 hours

The Micromax A116 started selling online from14th Feb 2013 and with 24 hours 9,000 units were already sold, much more than what MMX expected. There is a huge demand for the Micromax Canvas HD or Micromax A116 and even now as you read this around 25 units are ordered every 60 seconds.

As per the press note from Micromax, their official online partner Snapdeal.com reported selling of the first lot of 300 units within 15 minutes of going live. This was the reason why many users who were refreshing the page saw the sold out option. The second lot of 300 units also well out of stock within 15 minutes.

Within 45 minutes around 1200 Micromax A116 were already ordered. The orders are still being placed and over 9000 units have been sold so far.  Mr. Shubhodip Pal, CMO Micromax said that after the success of Canvas 2, they were overwhelmed by the response for the Canvas HD. 60% orders were from metros cities in India.  H added that consumers stayed awake unit 12:00am for booking the A116 on Valentine ’s Day. They expect the Canvas HD to even break the record that the Micormax A110 created.

The MMX A116 orders are still getting placed even with a delivery time of around 21 days. Probably consumers will get it much before the date mentioned.

Micromax Canvas HD creates record


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