The Micromax A110 is an amazing handset for the price. Some of the users who are facing minor issues can go through this post which will help them solve most of their problems. In case of hardware lockout like screen freezing up on the superfone logo or users forgetting their pin / pattern lock this method can be used.

How to enter into recovery mode using the hardware buttons on Micromax A110
The process is pretty simple and it should work on other smartphones too.

  • Shut down the phone. In case you are not able to – using the power button, you can remove the battery and insert it again.
  • You need to press 3 buttons Volume (+), Volume (-) and the power button, simultaneously, and keep pressing them until you get two options on the screen.

That’s it, if pressed simultaneously you will get the Recovery mode and Factory mode options. To enter into recovery mode you need to press the volume (+) button and for factory mode press the volume (-) button.

Micromax A110 hard reset

Recovery mode
Once you press the power up button after sometime press the home button. You will then get a list of options. The recovery mode can be used to hard reset the A110 smartphone. There is the Wipe data / factory reset option for that. You need to use the volume buttons to navigate to the options and the menu button (the left dedicated button) for confirmation.

In recovery mode you will also see several other options like backup user data / restore user data, apply updates etc.

Factory mode
Press volume down to enter the Factory mode option and then navigate using the volume +/- buttons and for confirmation use the dedicated menu button.

The factory mode can be used to run diagnostic checks on your handset. You can run full test or selected item test, phone test, GPS and even signalling test.

In both Recovery and Factory mode screen you will find the reboot option that you need to use to restart the system kind of exiting the mode screen.

So the next time you any issues with your handset you can either do a factory reset or run the system diagnostics to check for any issues with the hardware.

Check out the video on how to enter the recovery and factory mode

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  1. All step are working fine…but during enter my menu buttons aren’t working … What should I do?

  2. Hi,

    When I got the options after pressing power and volume key. Then I selected for recovery option.
    But after that next screen was showing message “No command”.
    Nothing happened after that.

    Any further help would be appreciated.

  3. Hello sir I am using micromax canvas juice 2q461. My problem is my photo’s always get rotated when I take photos from my camera rather i take selfie or a normal pic. Why it s is happening. Please guide.

  4. My Micromax Canvas 2.2 A114 is not booting into recovery mode…… I do these steps before but when i click volume down button for factory mode…. It restarts again into normal mode and switch on the phone……
    What to do in this situation……

  5. My canvas A311 nitro show a notification on screen “ been stopped” so I reset factory (delete all data ). after that it shows “micromax ” and “canvas ” whenever I am trying to start it.
    Plz help !!!!
    Reply. …

  6. I press the buttons and select recovery option select this and my phone was switch off not open factory menu please solution…

  7. Hey! my phone is also micromax A109. when i press + and – and power button the phone goes into 1.modem
    please sir help!

  8. I am using micromax canvas 2.2 mobile. My volume button is ejected from mobile. How can I fit it to my mobile?

  9. my canvas2 phone shoes location service again and again while working what am to do?

  10. I am having micromax Unite 3.It was encrypted through leo privacy guard,to stop it ,I removed its battery and then when i tried to start it, the micromax logo apperas but its not starting!! Please help me….please!?

  11. my some apps are always shown not responding what do i do
    i even rebooted my phone i din work

  12. On my canvas 2 colours mobile the Home button and back button and recent apps button are not working but my phones touch is in good condition now what’s the problem behind it

  13. Hello, I have successfully reset my phone, But after mobile reboots and start from welcome it going fine till there, Next it shows WIFI option but I am unable to click Skip option so i have selected WIFI and entered password, then it is saying “checking connection” and taking more time. I have also kept it for the whole day but its still not done. Please help me out with this.

  14. My canvas express 2 flashes and then turn off when I press power button or lock button… What should I do.

  15. Micromax canvas 2
    *** i have 2 mobile ..anybody solve
    1) * contact disappearing issue
    save contact get dissappeared
    (2) * heating without reason issue. for second mobile

  16. hi m using micromax canvas colors a120 from a 1 year but now now its not boot it freezes on the startup. i thought that it will take some time but i was wrong now i cant access my recovery or factory options plz help me if i can format it on my pc without switching it on or any other way. plz help

  17. My Micromax A116 is not responding with the touch screen, I mean even cannot unlock it. Please anybody help me to rectify .

    Thank you all

    johnachan K M

  18. Hi,
    My micromax a110, display got broken and I given to the service center. the display is changed and display is perfect now. but there is a problem in battery and network. some time the battery comes for a day sometime it will not. it produce more heat. and importantly when I boot the phone with sim it detect the network and show the full signal but unable to receive or make a call or sms. if I did a offline sim and make online I can make a call but again for 2nd call I I need do the same offline/online. in both the slots, internet is not working. sometime 2g internet is working, If I made as CDMA only in 3g. then the sim will not even make or receive a calls.

    Please help me to resolve this. Service center guys are not so skilled to understand and resolve the problem I gave my phone for display change but the effect is I’m not able to use the phone 🙁

  19. Bro,
    just try to change font in my micromax a110 (rooted).
    after reboot just micromax icon was appearing n hang

    1. I tried to expant my memory using a app on my rooted micromax canvas a120 and it asked for a reboot not it hangs on the micromax icon till the b attery gets dead.

  20. My mobile is not giving any kind of sound like speaker , mike is also not working … so pls help me i just attached it with my high watt woofers …

  21. My 15 month old Canvas2 A110 was working perfectly fine till about a week back. It started lagging so I decided on Hard Reset before I could do that today morning the touch stopped responding along with the Menu, Home and Back button. So now the Smartphone starts normally and I can hear and see phone calls, SMS’s, whatspp etc on the top but am unable to attend calls or read messages as I’m unable to unlock the phone. Kindly Help!!!

    1. It was the battery… turn it off and charge till battery full… remove from charger …. wait for 5 minutes, let the battery cool down… then start normally, It works just fine!