When it comes to mobile phones, android is the most popular mobile operating system, used by many and with access to Google play that houses thousands of apps and still growing. Android phones are affordable and for under Rs. 10,000 you can really get a good deal.

Visitors have been asking me a common question as to which is the best handset and for them here is the Top 7 Android smartphones for under Rs. 10,000. I hope this list will help them choose the right model. The models were selected based on the price, features and the overall performance.

Top 7 Android phones in India

1. Micromax A110
As for now the A110 rules. Not just price wise but also feature wise. Its dual core and can run many high end games. A perfect gadget for gaming lovers or those who are using the Android OS for the first time.

The A110 sports a 5 inch screen,  ICS, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage and 8MP camera. Read the full review of Micromax A110.
Price : Rs. 9,999.

2. Karbonn A18
This is with 1GHz single core processor and 512MB RAM. The display screen is 4.3 inches with WVGA resolution. The A18 comes with 5 MP camera with LED flash. This handset has got good user reviews, but for now the price tag is too close to the A110.
Price: Rs. 9,800.

3. Karbonn A11
A good smartphones which actually beats the A18. The A11 comes with 1GHz processor with 4 inch WVGA screen . The key attraction is the 5MP camera with 720p video recording. The price is lower that the above models but not that low. The handset runs on ICS OS with 512MB RAM. Read the full review of Karbonn A11.
Price : Rs. 8,490.

Top Android Phones under Rs. 10,000

4. Karbonn A7+
An upgraded A7+ again with a 1 GHz processor, 5MP camera and dual SIM support. The A7+ runs on the gingerbread OS i.e. Android 2.3 with 512MB RAM.  Display screen is 3.5 inches with HVGA resolution.
Price: Rs. 7,000.

5. Karbonn A5
An affordable phone with premium look. The A5 is powered by 800MHz processor and running Android 2.3 with 512MB RAM. This handset also comes with 2MP camera and a 3.5 inch touchscreen with HVGA resolution. Read the full review of Karbonn A5.
Price: Rs. 4,990.

6. Micromax A50 or Micromax Ninja 3 A57
Either go for A50 or A57, though A57 is better with HVGA screen but many users are facing issues installing new apps. The RAM is 256MB on both and the internal storage space for apps is less on A57 as compared with A50. A57 is with 1GHz processor and A50 with 650Mhz. Read the Micromax A50 review.
Price Rs. 4999 (A50) and Rs. 4750 (A57).

Micromax A52
This is with a 3.2 inch screen with QVGA resolution. A dual SIM 1GHz powered phone with 2MP camera and 256MB RAM. The A52 runs on Android 2.3 OS. This is better than A50 cause it comes with more processing power.
Price Rs. 4,699

Byond B50
Another 1gHz cortex A5 phone with dual SIM feature, 3MP camera and 1.3MP front camera. The display screen is 3.5 inches with HVGA resolution. A good option to A50 / A52 however its not a known brand and many users might have heard this for the first time.
Price Rs. 3,999.

7. Micromax A25
Probably the cheapest (better performing) android handset with 1GHz processor with QVGA screen of 2.8 inches. This one comes with 256MB RAM and a free internal storage of around 120 MB. 3G is not supported on this phone. Read the full review of Micromax A25.
Price Rs. 3,999.

If you know of any other model that you think should have been in the list leave a comment below.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in