Karbonn A7 review and Unboxing video – 800 MHz Android phone

I had ordered the Karbonn A7 dual SIM android phone from Inifbeam and got the delivery yesterday. I bought this smartphone for Rs. 7,490 with 8 GB free memory card (offer). However in the package I could not find the 8 GB memory card. I have raised the issue with Infibeam and I already got a confirmation an error from their part and they are sending the 8GB soon.

The Karbonn A7 is powered by an 800 MHz processor and also comes with a Qualcomm Adreno 200 GPU. Some sites say it is powered by a 1 GHz processor which is not true. But if you add up the CPU + GPU yes it is 1 GHz. RAM is 512 MB (397 MB for use) and internal storage for apps is 177 MB.

Box Pack
The pack is simple, smart and compact. The box clearly mentions the features on one of the side. The Karbonn A7 MRP mentioned is Rs. 8,990 but you can get it for as low as Rs. 7,500 online. The box pack contains Handset, charger, USB cable, battery, hands free, user manual and warranty card.

The Karbonn A7 handset has got a sleek look and since the display screen is 3.5 inches it occupies most of the area on the front side. There are 4 buttons on the front side , 3 touch sensitive buttons (option, home, back) which is a part of the touchscreen display. Immediately after the touchscreen area there is a center button that is a shortcut to Google search functions. On one side there is the volume rockers button and on top there is the power button along with 3.5 mm jack. The bottom side houses a micro USB port and on the back side you will find the 5 MP camera along with dual LED.

Karbonn A7 dual SIM android phone

The display screen (8.9 cm – 3.5 inches) is of capacitive technology and as expected was smooth and responsive. The screen resolution of 320 x 480 pixels (DPI=160) gives a very sharp output which is much better as compared with any 240 x 320 resolution handset for example the Micromax A50 Ninja. The icons are clearly visible and the text look smooth (pixels hardly visible). The light sensors will automatically adjust the brightness depending on the surrounding environment. These entire features look impressive especially when you look at the price.

OS and Memory
The Karbonn A7 comes loaded with Android 2.3.6 OS and has 512 MB RAM with micro SD slot that can hold up to 32 GB additional storage card. There are many apps that come preloaded including App2SD, OfficeSuite and Whatsapp. With access to Google Play you can download more apps and even move apps to SD and free up internal memory.

Sensors and GPS
This phone comes with G-Sensor, Light and proximity sensor. I switched on the built in GPS and got a lock in just 11 seconds. The GPS on the Karbonn A7 worked great with Google Maps.

The Karbonn A7 handset can hold 2 SIM cards (Dual SIM with Dual Standby) but 3G is available only via SIM 1. You can surf at high speed of up to 7.2 Mbps (HSDPA). Other options are Wi-Fi with hotspot, USB Tethering and Bluetooth.

SIM 1 + SIM 2 and MicroSD card slot on A7

A 5MP camera with dual LED flash on the Karbonn A7 may be the main selling point but the camera is just average better than a 2 MP found on most handsets, but it is with fixed focus. I have taken some picture, so you can judge for yourself. The camera comes with many features 3x digital zoom, front / back camera option, exposure, scene modes and colour effects. There is a front VGA camera for video chats.

Karbonn A7 review 5MP camera with dual LED flash

Sample camera images taken from A7 (click image for full size)

Karbonn A7 Flash Auto with very low light environment

Flash Auto with very low light environment

Karbonn A7 Lighted environment without flash

Lighted environment without flash

Karbonn A7 Lighted Environment with Flash

Lighted Environment with Flash

Karbonn A7 outdoor under direct sunlight

outdoor under direct sunlight

Multimedia and gaming
The GPU is an added advantage and you will be able to play many games. Interestingly there was no video player installed, so you will need to search for one on Google play and download / install it.  The sound quality is good, quite loud and there is built in FM radio for live entertainment. As far as gaming is concerned I will try out some games and post a video on the same.

Other features
The Karbonn A7 handset supports haptic feedback which vibrates when you tap the screen and in certain UI. Even in direct sunlight the screen is perfectly visible. For Input you can use the on screen QWERTY and even XT9 if you prefer that.

The USB cable, the handsfree, power adapter everything is in pure white colour which looks really good just like you see on the iPhones.

Unlike on the Ninja A50, there is no option to personalize the SIMs. But the good thing is that both the SIM options in the form of a button are present when you are making a call or composing a message. This means you can call or send messages from any SIM with ease from a single interface.

When browsing websites I found that the rendering process was a bit slow, noticeable for about half a second. I found the Karbonn A7 performing a bit slower than the Micromax A50, this could be because of a better quality screen resolution and a slower animation effect. Most of the apps speed was the same but there were few apps that worked a bit faster on Micromax A50.

Karbonn A7 vs Micromax A50

The Quadrant benchmark score for Karbonn A7 was 1290. AuTuTu score for A7 was 2611 as compared with MM A50 which was 2506. Not much of a difference but with AuTuTu A50 scored better when it came to 2D / 3D graphics.

Quadrant benchmark score for Karbonn A7

I was using the A7 with 3G (H) on for about 15 minutes and I could feel it getting warm but that was outdoor, when in the room (which is relatively cool) did not experience the heating issue. The Karbonn A7 feels nice to hold in the hand it has a better grip that A50.

This Karbonn A7 handset comes with a 1420 mAh li-ion battery which seems to be doing a pretty good job for now. I will be draining the battery completely and then fully re-charge it. I will update the battery results in few days. I connected the phone for charging using the power adapter and then started browsing just to see if the touchscreen is acting weirdly as we saw on the Ninja handset, the A7 worked perfectly well even when connect to the charger the touchscreen was as responsive as before.

Karbonn A7 Battery Life : Can easily last for 1 to 2 days of moderate usage. I fully charged the battery and now its been 2 days and 5 hours with still 32 % battery left (I am not a heavy user, but I occasionally used Wi-Fi, 3G for checking mails and downloading games /apps (angry birds space, Temple Run and iris). If used moderately it will easily last for over a day. For heavy usage probably a day.

The 1420 mAh battery inside Smart A7

Karbonn A7 the price
At Rs. 6,799 this is another handset with better features than the Micromax Ninja.  Now this handset came with an 8GB free card offer and if you look at the price of the memory card it is around Rs. 400. The A7 price you can say is at Rs. 7,000 and you will be paying an extra Rs. 2000 (when compared with A50) for a bigger and better screen resolution and 5 MP camera.

Watch the Unboxing and Video review of Karbonn A7

Games and Apps (Youtube) demo

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  1. mohan khatri says

    Hello frnds,
    I’m user of karbonn a7 since last year but now it’s battery backup down and i want to buy more powerfull battery 2000mah or above any samsung’s battery may i use in this set plzzzzz give me suggestions

  2. sandeep says

    hello gogi..

    my karbonn a7 battery is completely dead and giving a backup of 15-20 mins..

    I searched online but no battery for a7 is available online and in my city service centre of karbonn has been shut down..

    I did some research for karbonn a1+.. both have same size.. and I am guessing maybe a1+ battery can fit a7 too..

    you have reviewed both the phones.. please can u tell me if a1+ battery fits a7.. if its little loose I will manage..

    your answer will be really helpful cuz my phone is useless without battery..

    thank you..

    • Max says

      Go to settings then Audio profiles then click on General, finally click on vibrate on touch…pretty simple…

  3. udun says

    I have karbonn a18 mobile, even after setting the vibration on off mode my phone vibrates whenever i type any message. can you please help me how to turn off this vibration mode

  4. Ganesh says

    Hello Gogi, Does Karbonn A7 support Memory Card or not “SanDisk 16GB Mobile Ultra microSDHC Card (Class 10)”?

  5. vishu says

    For those who have several restart and hang, and sensor not working problem in karbonn a7… there is a solution…

    1. Keep your phone internal memory above 30MB..
    2. Use advanced task killer from app store…

    I have the same problem. but now it is solved by above methods…

    after this phone will not hang…

  6. Sudhir says

    Hello All,

    Please do not go for Karbon brand sake of features. The service of karbon is very worst that you can not imagine. I purchased on august and till now it is in service center.

    Please go for any branded handset like SAMSUNG, NOKIA, may be the features will be less but the service is excellent.

  7. mukesh chaudhary says

    Hi, i have purchased karbonn A7+.i want to use my pc connection via wifi with my phone.right now i am using connectivity with lan connection in my pc …full wifi signal comes in my phone bt i m unable to access the internet plz help.

    • Ganesh says

      I think you are turn on wifi in home screen. Instead of Activate your Wifi Hotspot. Setting->wireless&network->Tethering&portable hotspot->portable WLAN hotspot Click above check Box WLAN Hotspot for first time click below WLAN Hotspot setting -> configure WLAN hotspot keep it open or secure by provide pswd. And finally put mark in check box in wlan hotspot. And then turn on your wifi in System to connect.

  8. sachin says

    Bought karboon A7 in october and having problem….its sensor does’nt work
    properly and i have to restart it everytime to make it work…

    • Givemore says

      The solution to your problem is found. Press *#36# and scroll to where it says PROXIMITY SENSOR TEST.

  9. Srinivasan says

    Hi Gogi,
    I would like to purchase a smart phone around 6 k. I saw 2 mobile phones on this category. 3G AIRTYME PICASSO and AIMAX NEOSKY 3D and also i have read your review about KARBONN A7+. Now am very much confused which product i should go for. Please suggest me. hopefully waiting for your reply ASAP. thanks.

  10. Nabin says

    Bought this mobile 2 month ago! But having problem right noww!! Sensor doesn’t work properly! And it switch of automatically and service centre told that they will take 20days for repairing!!