Reliance Jio free services will be discontinued for users who haven’t recharged

The Reliance Jio free ride has already come to an end as on 15th April 2017, however many users who have not yet recharged their Jio account with the bare minimum plan are still able to use the services for free, but this will end pretty soon.

So far Reliance has not yet disconnected the services of users who have not recharged but they have started sending messages to recharge to dhan dhana dhan offer or the services will be terminated soon.

It looks like Reliance will soon disconnect the users who have not yet recharged and this could happen within few days or weeks. The idea is to give customers time to recharge via their smartphone because once their Jio SIM gets deactivated and after that if the user wants to recharge they will need to visit the service centre.

Reliance Jio services will be disconnected for those who did not recharge

I am sure every is aware that Jio has launched a new offer called dhan dhana dhan that gives users an option to pay Rs. 309 and get unlimited usage for 3 months and after the user will need to choose a plan and continue.

Reliance Jio SIM disconnected?

In case if you haven’t recharged your Reliance Jio SIM, and you are still able to use the Jio services let us know and also let us know when the services gets deactivated.


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