Twitter has launched two new features, Quick replies and Welcome messages for better conversation. These features are already enabled and they are visible when using Direct Messages. Many brands have already started using Twitter for customer support; this new feature will definitely help the brand and customers.

The welcome messages is basically for the brand, they can setup a pre-defined message so they don’t need to type or copy / paste every time, this also eliminates the need to send the first message. Brand / Businesses can create multiple message and they can link specific greeting messages to specific tweets, website or apps.

Quick replies are for customers, they are basically questions that the Brand / Businesses can decide and make it available for customers. For example say a customer is interacting with a shopping site via direct message. At first the customer will get a welcome message, the next thing that the customer will need to do is select from list of pre-defined common questions or type their query.

quick replies and welcome messages in direct messages on Twitter

The customer might see some pre-defined questions (as set by the brand), like
1. What is the status of my order?
2. Cancellation request
and so on.

The whole process speeds up communication on Twitter. If you have used the quick replies and welcome messages in direct messages on Twitter do leave you comments below.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -