The INQ SO.HO (SOHO Social Home screen) launcher app is out of the beta phase and now supports Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This apps integrates the feeds from your social networking account and takes the conversation directly on your home screen.

There are many social networking sites but quite a few of them are immensely popular like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Almost all of users have an account on these social networking platforms.

At times it gets difficult to check each and every social network and keep updated. Here is where third party apps like the SO.HO come handy. With SO.HO installed users can get the latest updates, links, pictures and videos from across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook directly on their home screen all in one place without having to login to each and every social account.

The SO.HO app does not work when the handset is in sleep mode, but as soon as you unlock the handset and if the data connection is enabled, the app will scan through your social account and grab the updates (if any) and show them on the home screen. What’s more you can tweet, update the status, like, check-in and do more directly from the home screen.

INQ SO.HO Launcher App

The SO.HO [SOHO Social Homescreen] launcher app is available on Google play for free. The app size is around 18MB and works on Android ICS 4.0 and above.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -