UCWeb has released the UC Browser 3.2 for windows phone with background download support. The UC Browser is the most popular and number one browser app on the WP store. 

There are many users in India who subscribe to unlimited net connection (especially 2G) on their handset and download a lot of stuff from the net. With the newest version of UC Browser (Mobile browser), users can download files with ease and with useful features.

How does background download work?
Once the user initiates a download (selects the file and download starts), the downloading process continues even when they exit the UC browser. Downloads can be resumed, this means that if the phone data connection gets interrupted for any reason the process will automatically resume once the connection is restored.

UC Browser 3.2 for windows mobile phones

The UC Browser 3.2 also comes loaded with other features like enhanced download manager (for managing your downloads), UDisk (cloud storage solution that gives access to 6GB space) and optimized pre-loading (webpage loads faster and by the time you finish reading the current page, the next page would have already been downloaded and instantly loaded when you click the next link).

UC Browser 3.2 features

Windows phone come with default IE browser but this alternate UC browser is already WP users favourite and for now the number 1 browser on Windows Phone Store.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in