Got an Android phone then checkout the list of interesting and useful Android apps especially made for Indian users. The Google market place (Google play) is huge and there are thousands of apps available for downloads and here are some of the best Indian apps you should use.

Top 10 Indian apps for Android devices (Phones / Tablets)

1. BookMyShow App
If you love watching movies and have used the BookMyShow website for booking cinema tickets -online, now you can do the same via the BookMyShow Android app using your mobile phone. It is simple to use and there is no need to load the website, just launch the app and you are automatically logged in.

You can select the movie, theater etc as you would do on the desktop and even make secure payments via the Android phone or tablet.

Bookmyshow app for android

BookMyShow on Google Play

2. PNR Status and train info App
If you travel a lot or are an occasional traveller, this is a must have app for everyone. As the name suggests you can check the Indian Railway PNR status via this app. There is no need to visit the site to check the info or any need to call railway enquiry number. Just use the app and you will get the status almost immediately, its much faster than via the website.

Indian Railway PNR Status app on android

You can check multiple PNR, the app also saves the PNR number automatically. All you need to do is use the IRCTC username and password and the app will then get the PNR number from the booked tickets and what’s more the app also saves e-ticket / electronic reservation slip or ERS, you can show this to TTE along with your ID proof.  The app is not just of checking PNR but it does even more.

PNR Status and Train info on Google Play

3. Domino’s Pizza India App
Hungry Kya? Order the Domino’s pizza right from your android phone. You can place the order using this app which is linked with the Pizza stores, it also accepts valid coupons. However there are many users who are not happy with this app and some were complaining about login issues etc.

dominos pizza app for android

The developers will keep updating the app and make it better and better. Still it’s worth keeping it on your Android phone – unless you don’t like pizzas.

Domino’s Pizza India on Google Play

4. IndiCode (India Codes) App
This is a very useful app with STD codes, Vehicle plate codes and postal codes in India. The best part is that the app loads everything on the phone itself and you can even use it offline without the need of a net connection.

Indicode app for android (STD codes, Vehicle plate codes and postal codes in India)

Indicode app on Google play

5. Indian Newspapers App
This is a very simple app, really does nothing but helps you organize the newspapers / magazines – names and links. It come loaded with many newspaper listings etc by default, you can delete or add new items if you want to. Basically when you launch this app you see the list of newspapers / magazines and all you need to do is tap it. This will open a new window in the default browser with the newspaper link.

India Newspapers app for android

India Newspapers app on Google Play

6. Indian Penal Code (IPC) App
The Complete IPC or the Indian Penal Code right in your pocket in searchable and readable format. This is a good app for lawyers and for anyone who would be interested. This is a lightweight app with just 428k space and also consumes negligible phone memory.

Indian Penal Code (IPC) App for android

IPC Indian Penal Code app on Google Play

7. Iris app
The Aisha app now comes pre-loaded on many Micromax Android phones like Micromax A50, A52 and so on. If you what Aisha type functionality on your android phone, then download and install the Iris app. In fact the Aisha itself is a customized version of Iris.

Iris app for android

What does this app do? Well you can talk with it, ask questions and it will reply back – listen. The voice recognition is not so accurate considering the Indian ascent, but still it’s worth a try.

Iris. (Aplha) on Google Play

8. TV Guide India
Who doesn’t love watching TV, but because of the hectic schedule and so many channels that add up to the confusion we often miss out our favourite show. The TV Guide app allows you to access the timing of a particular show on your favourite TV channel.  You can also read a brief description about the show.  Must have app for all TV lovers out there.

Indian TV guide app for android

TV Guide India app on Google Play

9. Free SMS India
This android app will help you send unlimited SMS’s for free. I have not tried the app so I am not sure if, what they claim is true moreover the Indian Government has now restricted the number of SMS’s that can be sent from a phone per day. This apps is easy to use, requires net connection and makes use of Way2SMS, Site2SMS, IndyaRocks, YouMint and some other SMS’s gateways and/or services.

free sms India app for android

Free SMS India app on Google Play

10. F2S Free SMS India app
Another free SMS apps that too promises free unlimited SMS’s anywhere in India. The interface is easy to use but you will need an active net connection 3G/E/G. This app too is depending on multiple gateways. I have not checked this app so not sure if this really works.

free2sms app for android

F2S Free SMS India app on Google Play

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -