There is always something new happening with Android powered handsets, thanks to the vast Android market that already have a lot of applications and new apps getting added almost every day. With an Android handset you can never get bored.

If you have got a new Android handset or have been using it for a while here are some of the top 10 must have Android app that you should install on your Android handset.

Top 10 Android must have free apps

1. Astro File manager

Astro file manager Android App
Astro file manager Android App

By default the Android phone does not come with any file browsing support, you can however connect as USB device on to your PC and can access the storage space. But you cannot do the same from your mobile. So download and install the Astro File manager which is free and works as file manager, can take backups and as text and image viewer.

Transferring or receiving files via Bluetooth is something that simply does not seem to work on an Android phone. To fix this you can download the Astro Bluetooth module which works with the Astro File manager (required) and you can send and received files from other devices and even browse other devices using Bluetooth.

Download Astro File Manager
Download Astro Bluetooth Module

2. Advanced Task Killer

Advanced Task Killer Android App
Advanced Task Killer Android App

This is another must have android app that helps clear off memory which may be used by applications running in the background. With the Advanced task Killer you can add app to ignore list or set to auto kill specific apps when the users shifts to another app or closes that particular app. This helps in cleaning memory and makes your android handset work more efficiently and even saves battery life.

Download Advanced task Killer

3. GPS Status and Toolbar

GPS Status And Tools Android App
GPS Status And Tools Android App

If you use GPS regularly on your Android phone the GPS Status and Toolbar will help you get a faster fix within few minutes. When you switch on the GPS, by default the Android phone takes a hell lot of time to get a fix on the satellites. With this app you can do the same within minutes. The app works remarkable well but does required 3G or GPRS/EDGE connection to download A-GPS data regularly. The app makes use of the A-GPS data to get a faster fix and also displays the GPS, Sensor, signal strength, accuracy, acceleration, speed and bearing.

Download GPS Status and Toolbar

4. Tiny Flashlight with LED

Tiny Flashlight with LED Android App
Tiny Flashlight with LED Android App

This is again a highly recommended app that comes with various flashlight option using screen light or the build in LED. You can use it as a torch or as an emergency light. This app comes with different features such as colour light, warning lights and police lights.  Use it as a torch or just to light up a darker environment. But remember this app consumes a lot of power and may drain off your battery sooner than expected. So use it only in emergency situations.

Download Tiny Flashlight with LED

5. Barcode Scanner by ZXing Team

Barcode scanner Android App
Barcode scanner Android App

This is a nice app that makes use of the Android camera to scan the barcode of products and shows the details and also search the net for reviews and prices. You however need to hold the camera steadily until the barcode is read properly.

Download Barcode Scanner

6. CamCard Lite Business Card Reader

CamCard card reader Android App
CamCard card reader Android App

This is another excellent app that can be used to scan Business cards and the data is added to Gmail, Exchange or as a new (phone book) contact, without having to type a thing. There are two versions a free (Lite) and paid version for $4.99. This app can auto detect text orientation, can detect image, logo on card and can even recognise up to 12 languages.

Download CamCard Lite Business Card Reader

7. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle Android App
Read Kindle books on Android

If you have a Android phone and love reading books you should try out the Kindle book app. With the Amazon Kindle app you can read Kindle books right on your phone without the need of a Kindle device. Moreover there are thousands of free books available.

Download Amazon Kindle app

8. Firefox (Beta)

Firefox Beta on Android
Firefox Beta on Android

Yes Firefox on your Android phone. You have used the Firefox browser on your PC and laptops and have loved it now get the same cutting edge browser on your Android handset. This app is still in beta phase and comes with sync feature that can automatically synchronise your desktop / Mobile bookmarks etc. The Firefox Beta required Android 2.0 and above. Download size is about 14MB.

Download Firefox Beta

9. Notepad

Notepad for Android
Notepad for Android

By default Android phones do not come with any document editors pre-installed. You can install this light weight Notepad app that simple and easy to use good for note-taking. You can search text, sort notes, send note and even change the text size.

Download Notepad

10. Documents to go

Documents to go Android App
Documents to go Android App

The Android phone has everything preinstalled except it cannot read any of the Microsoft office documents. But by using the Documents to go app you can add this functionality on your phone. Documents to go come in free and paid versions. The free version allows you to read Excel, Word and PowerPoint files where as with the paid version you can even create and edit documents. Must have app if you get a lot of Microsoft office attachments in your email.

Download Documents to go

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