Once you shoot videos the next painful process is to compile the shots and create a good video. Thankfully GoPro Quik App does most of the work for you. It is one of the best video editing app you can download for free and use on Android and iOS platforms.

The Quik App were initially available only for GoPro users but as for now anyone can download the app and use it for free, does not matter if the videos you shot are from GoPro camera or from any camera, you can even use videos shot using your handset.

What makes the Quik App a better on the move video edition app is for the following reasons.  The app is free and it lets you create awesome videos in minutes, you can select from different themes and the app also gives you option to edit the videos as needed.

Quik Video Editing App

The GoPro Quik App is free and current version is 1.6 (Android) and 3.7 (iOS). You can download it for free from Apple Store / Google Play Store.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know, Gogi sir. It seems like pretty good video editor and thanks for GoPro for making it available for free to all. On a side on, I have found a very common issue with many phones. The problem is, can’t download files larger than 4GB directly on the SD Card as the downloading fails (reason: file size too large to write to disk). Full HD contents are large in size so wonder why there’s restrictions on SD Card..

    1. May be your SD card format is FAT32. You cannot transfer more than 4GB as it wont be able to write large files unless you format your card to NTFS Format.

      1. Well, Zia after formatting the card to NTFS

        It will no more be detectable by Android device… Unsupported file system error..

  2. Thanks for this article, Gogi.
    I’ve been using Filmora Go and Adobe app on my Smartphone. Now I’ll try this app.