Android Nougat update rolled out on Lenovo K6 Power and K6 Note smartphones

If you are using Lenovo K6 power or the Lenovo K6 Note, good news for you, Lenovo has rolled out Android Nougat version 7.0 update on both these devices. You might have already got the update notification for the same.

The Lenovo K6 Power was launched in India in 2016 (December) and in December – 2016 itself the K6 Note was also launched. Both these handsets have now got the Nougat update. K6 power price in India starts from Rs. 9,999 and the K6 Note comes for Rs. 13,999.

Regarding Lenovo K6 Power we had done the review of the same and there was mic issue that many users had faced, many got the replacement and others got it repaired from service centre.

With Lenovo K6 Note and the Lenovo K6 Power both getting Android Nougat 7.0 update these are the features you will notice – Enhanced Multi window and multi tasking support. Smarter Notifications and Date saver mode that will help save more on data usage. Nougat will also help your devices run for a longer time – better battery life.

Lenovo K6 Power and K6 Note smartphones getting Android Nougat update

If you are using the Lenovo K6 Note or the Lenovo K6 power handset and if you have updated to latest Android update then do leave a comment below. Let us know how the update went and if you are facing any issues or if the performance has increased.


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