The Lenovo K6 Power is a snapdragon 430 powered handset that comes with dual SIM slots and houses a 4000 mAh non-removable battery. This handset is priced at Rs. 9,999 with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM. Read this review to know how the handset performed.

I bought this handset from Flipkart, there was some issue I have mentioned it in this post. For the review I have ignored this issue, assuming it is a hardware problem and the replacement unit will not be having this issue.

Update : I got a replacement from Flipkart and the mic on the new handset is working fine.

Unboxing : Inside the Lenovo K6 Power box pack you will get the handset, user manual, warranty card, standard quality earphone, data cable and travel charger – 5.2V/2A. SAR value as mentioned on the box : 0.600 W/kg @ 1g head and 0.972 W/kg @ 1g body.

Lenovo K6 power box pack

Design, Display and OS

The Lenovo K6 Power is packed inside a metallic body with curvy sides. I bought the grey color version for the review, build quality and finishing is very good. There is a silver lining on the back (top and bottom).

Lenovo K6 power review

It’s a dual SIM handset you can use 2x nano SIM or nano SIM + micro SD card. 4G with VoLTE (Jio worked) is supported. There is LED notification and good number of sensors – accelerometer, proximity, light, hall, magnetic and gyro.

Lenovo K6 power dual hybrid SIM slot

Screen is 5 inches IPS supporting 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. Color reproduction, viewing angels and touch response are pretty good.

Lenovo K6 Power is running 32 bit Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 out of the box.

Lenovo K6 power ports and buttons

Memory and Storage

This K6 Power I bought came with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM. On first boot you will get around 22GB free space and on an average 1.2GB free RAM. OTG is supported you can connect external pen drive.


Inside the hood the Lenovo K6 Power is using Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 octa core processor clocked at 1.4GHz coupled with Adreno 505 GPU. Now this is a 64bit chipset however the operating system running i.e. Marshmallow 6.0.1 is 32 bit. Not a big issue though but the combination makes no sense.

Lenovo K6 power dual speakers

Performance was smooth, lag free and heat-up was under control max battery temperature I encountered was 39 degrees. Lenovo K6 Power cannot play 4K videos.


Quadrant : 17520
AnTuTu : 43662  / 9144
Nenamark 2 : 59.9fps
Disk Speed : 150 MB/s read / 79 MB/s write
Multi Touch : 10 point


I played Asphalt 8 in high quality mode, it played well, smooth no lags and heat up was under control. Check Lenovo K6 power video review for gaming action.


There is 13MP camera on the rear and a 8MP camera on the front. Camera interface comes with SMART mode and artistic HDR that is pretty impressive, however camera quality is average, just good for viewing on mobile and for social sharing.

This handset can shoot FHD videos and slow motion videos. You can check the Lenovo K6 Power video review for sample FHD and slow mo video.

Lenovo K6 power camera and finger print sensor

Camera Rating 3 out of 5

Lenovo K6 Power rear and front camera sample

lenovo k6 power rear camera sample hydrant lenovo k6 power rear camera sample branch lenovo k6 power rear camera sample hydrant nut lenovo k6 power rear camera sample more leaves lenovo k6 power rear camera sample leaves lenovo k6 power rear camera sample long shot lenovo k6 power rear camera sample night lenovo k6 power rear camera sample long shot artistic hdr lenovo k6 power rear camera sample night artistic lenovo k6 power front camera sample hand

Download Original Image files (right click and save) (do not use it for commercial purpose, without permission of


Sound is loud and clear. There are two speakers on the back – handset supports Dolby ATMOS and it sounds awesome. Finger print sensor on the back is decently fast and accurate. No other issues found.


The 4000 mAh non-removable battery does a very good job. On a full charge you can expect 6 to 8 hours of nonstop moderate to heavy usage or up to 2 days of moderate mixed usage.

Lenovo K6 Power Battery Performance (time / battery % drop / estimated battery temperature)

  • Running Benchmark app – 10 minutes / 2% / 34 degrees
  • Asphalt 8 game play – 26 minutes / 7% / 39 degrees
  • FHD video playback with full brightness (WiFi /4G on) – 32 minutes / 7% / 33 degrees.

It took me 2 hours 30 minutes to charge the handset from 12% to 100% using wall charger.


The Lenovo K6 Power is a good handset that performs well, camera is average also its running 32 bit OS on a 64 bit hardware. This handset is competing with the Redmi Note 4 and when you compare the Redmi Note 4 with the Lenovo K6 power the Redmi Note 4 wins in all areas (camera quality is average on both handsets but slightly better on Redmi Note 4) .

Note 4 is more powerful, gives slightly better battery backup and camera is also a little better when compared with K6 Power. Hence makes sense to go for the Note 4.

Overall rating 3.8 out of 5

Lenovo K6 Power is available for Rs. 9,999.

Published by Gogi Rana

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  1. Dea gogi, which phone do i select redmi note 4 or lenovo k6 power or redmi 3s prime

  2. Just now got Android N update notification. Size = 1567 Mb.
    Let me download today and give you update tomorrow how it performs.

    1. Update to Android N completed.
      Its good update solving all the mic and audio issues.
      Now the value of the handset is justified.
      Note: It took about an hour to fully activate my Jio SIM after the upgrade, so have patience.

  3. Dear Mr Gogi,
    please help me choose between Lenovo K6 power 3gb and Swipe Elite max… As I am getting both of them for around 6500/- after exchanging my coolpad note 3 lite and phone pe offer.. My priority is better camera.. Please respond as this is the last day of flipkart offer… Thanks in advance…

  4. why on earth would it compete with the redmi note 4 , this is a budget phone and caters to people who want moderate performance with very good battery and it is a head on with the redmi 3s prime as both are 5 inch phones. comparing with the rn4 is not fair as rn4 is a bigger and more powerful phone.

  5. Which is a better but redmi note 4 2gb variant or redmi 3s prime? Please suggest I’m in tight budget and cannot go beyond 10k

  6. Flipkart sale tonight, k6 power 3gb ram for 9k and 4gb ram variant for 10k with SBI discount.

  7. Hello sir….which is having better features, best camera and gaming :- Redmi note 4 or k6 note

  8. hi gogi, as per u are gadget’s reviewer amd doing an awesome job and provide detailed info. about handset. i just want to know if comparing xiaomi phone and lenevo phone which of them getting updates for longer time.
    thanks for reply in advance

  9. Hello sir.. which one is better phone between MI 3s prime and lenovo k6 power by their performance ?

    1. If possible try to get hands-on with K6 power and RN4. Hope you will definitely choose K6 power. Its power packed & Handy for every day use.

  10. Gogiji ji, some comments are really informative and funny. There should be a option to select ‘BEST’. It will encourage and to give more information and fun. Please think atonce.

  11. वो दिन दूर नही जब श्याओमी के phone use करने वाले उसे apple से भी बढिया बता दे ??????????

    1. Are bhai wo sachi me budget apple hi he, sacho apple ki product launch event k baad xiaomi ek hi he jiski product launch ki logo me bekrari hoti he, & apple ka phone kita to achhi resell value hovi, vese hi xiaomi k koi bhi phone ki achhi resell value milegi( agar me redmi note 3 bhi 1 saal hone k baad bhi me 8000 me bechu to mukhe milenge)

  12. Gogi Bro,

    I want a good phone with good camera, music performance and decent overall performance (just like Nokia phones) budget is within Rs. 20000, Please help me out with this.

  13. Gogi Ji just like you said the camera is average. but my k6 power produces even less than average pics when I compared them with yours. Everyone praises the camera and all sites too. I feel disappointed from camera performance.

    1. I follow certain methods to judge the camera performance. It is average if you check the camera rating I have given it 3 out of 5 just over below average (2.9 is below average).

      1. Wish I had read your review before buying k6 but then again we don’t really have any better alternative for 5 inch screens.

          1. lol 😀
            Ghanta !
            I’m using both .
            Lenovo K6 power has much better camera because lenovo used Sony sensor .
            Lenovo k6 power has 1080p display & Redmi 3s prime has 720p.
            Lenovo k6 power has dual stereo speaker .
            Lenovo has much better after sales service than Xiaomi.
            Lenovo k6 power does support LTE band 41(2500) .

          2. Ghanta, out of all international mobile brands, lenovo has the worst service in India. Many shopkeepers even have banners at their shop displaying the same and warning customers to not buy lenovo phones.

          3. LTE band (2500) in use by which company?

            currently which bands are used by present 4G operators in India?

            please reply Mr gyani

  14. Whenever you review the mobile phone u mentioned the dimension. If it is possible kindly mention the dimension of the mobile.

  15. Gogi sir, Is Redmi note 4 2GB variant better for a moderate user? Occasional gaming and heavy web browsing is the daily need.

    If 4GB variant is having 2GB free RAM, I wonder how much free RAM will be there in 2GB? Is it good choice to go for 2GB?

    Iam on tight budget and cannot go for 3GB version.

    Please reply sir I have to take it in the next sale.

    1. 2GB RAM is more than enough, unless you want to run modern combat 5 and Asphalt 8 like games simultaneously, play mc5, then switch to Asphalt 8. But why would anyone want to do that.

      1. Hello gogi sir

        Please reply me

        As redmi 3s prime and k6 power has same processor.
        K6 support slow motion but redmi 3s doesn’t.
        Is that any option to use k6 camera app in redmi 3s prime.

        Or it is whole software function .

      2. That’s exactly what I too thought.

        Reviewers are blindly recommending to go for 4GB and saying it is best coz you can play heavy games simultaneously.

        Who the hell on earth is playing 2 games at a time? What is the need for it? Can’t we close one game completely and go for other game and increase battery life in a day?

        But no one think about it. Youtubers just recommend 4GB as it’s just 2K extra and u get lot of ram. They say like you spend just 20 rupees extra…

        Anyway your review is always direct to point and unbiased unlike other reviewers.

        Thanks for quick reply. One more thing I want to know if any new first time jio user able to generate offer code on RN4?

        1. You should be able to generate Jio code on any 4G handset with VoLTE and any 4G phone without VoLTE. It will work on RN4.

        2. Now a days u do not need barcode to get jio sim. Just check a Jio preffered retailer in your area and carry Aadhar with u. Under 10 minutes ur sim will get activated. I tried various methods to generate Jio barcose on my Redmi 2 and was not able to as I always got the mesaage that our system are not responding or so and so etc…So one day I went to this shop who was a jio preferred retailer and the guy just asked my Aadhar and gave me the sim.

    2. Yes my friends redmi note 3 with 2gb ram runs very smooth, out of 2gb ram you will get 700 to 1gb ram free, only problem with note 3 2gb ram variant is it has only 16gb memory, and there is no problem with 2gb ram version of note 4 because it comes with 32gb internal memory, there is 1000rs difference between 2gb ram and 3gb ram versions and the rest all specifications are same,

    3. I like your comment a lot:
      “If 4GB variant is having 2GB free RAM, I wonder how much free RAM will be there in 2GB? Is it good choice to go for 2GB?”

      And, found that your question is genuine. Because, if a 4 gb variant gives only 2 gb free RAM then the 2gb must give the 0 mb free RAM. 😉

      1. If you don’t understand how a smartphone works specially the memory, then it means that the smartphone is more smarter than you. Unfortunately most reviewers do not know about programing, memory managing is more complicated, free memory does not really mean how the handset will handle multi apps. A different caliber is needed to understand it. But anyone talking about RAM management, on Android have never programmed (I am talking about hard-core programming, not the hello world kind of stuffs).

  16. Only 1.2GB RAM remaining out of 3GB RAM in lenevo K6 power in first boot whenever 2.2GB RAM remaining out of 3GB RAM in coolpad Note 3 in first boot.

    Almost 60% RAM used by System/OS/UI.

    A typical configuration of RAM?

    It is not comparison between Lenevo K6 power & Coolpad Note 3 but question about RAM Management.

    1. What will you do with extra 2.2 gb ram free, that much ram free means it is killing some apps which runs in background then what is the need of buying a 3gb ram phone, unlike internal storage ram is there to be used and for smooth performance of a phone even 700 to 800mb free ram will be enough.

      1. I am not so technical expert but you are spending approx ₹ 9000 -10000 & buying a 3GB RAM device & get only 35-40% usable RAM in first boot than you are wise person and there is no question buy I will go for the device which is give more RAM on first boot & VFM. As per your opinion all companies are fool which is launching more than 4GB RAM device.

        Sorry to unable your wiseness.

        1. I think you dont understand what I have said, iI am saying that if there is 3gb of ram if there is 1.2gb ram available it is good, if you have 4gb ram and if it has 1.5 gb ram free it is good because more the actual ram,more the apps run in background more background apps makes the device fast and opens the apps fastly, free ram only useful when you play two to the heavy games and switching between them or opened 10 to 20 apps and switching between them which no one will do unless wants to test the device. What I mean is even if you got 3gb ram phone 4gb ram phone or a 6gb ram and if it uses only 40% to 50% ram and keeping the remaining ram free, then what is the use of another 50% ram , I am saying more actual ram is good but it has to be used, it will be used. I have mentioned 700 to 800 free ram (after installing apps) is enough for smooth operation of phone that means phone will not lag. By the way coolpad cool 1 is of 4gb ram and k6 note is of 3gb ram.

  17. Gogi compare apple to apple. There is no logic k6 power compared with 5.5inch note4. K6 campare with 3s prime. It easily beat it. Better display, sound. Anyway great review as always done by our gogi

        1. I know :-). When someone is asking you to find a corner in a circle you confuse them by pointing to one.

      1. Krish is saying right K6 should be compared with Redmi 3s prime because they are in almost same in features and price .

          1. Price difference
            K6 power-11000

            Practically, Gogi is compare the phone in his price tag not his specification.

    1. Even with redmi 3s prime , it has 64 bit hardware with 64bit os ,performance will be slightly better on 64 bit device with 64bit os, particullarly when having more ram. I have redmi 3s even with 2gb ram it performance is very good and camera is good in day light and its battery backup is very good

    2. Gogi is comparing two smartphones in same price bracket of 10k-12k . Both Redmi Note 4 & Lenovo K6 Power come in the same segment hence comparison between them is correct . And for others who are asking why RN4 is he comparing with and then obviously its because RN4 is leading in this price segment . Hence any phone launched in this range will be compared with leading device only. Infact its foolish to ask questions that why he is comparing with RN4 only and why not Redmi 3s Prime

        1. So you are just comparing Ram & Rom for buying cellphones ?
          There is a hell lot of difference between these phones in terms of Screen Size & Resolution,Chipset & Camera .

          1. Mr. DHISHANT ahuja your comments shows that you are very rigid and own wrong views also not understanding what others says.

          2. I am understanding what Krish said and after you relied that compare phones at equal levels. But the market now is no longer the same as it was 3-4 years back. For 10k no one imagined that one can get 3gb ram with 32 gb storage and good camera with metal body and finger print sensor (which was luxury till 2015) and now the market is like what companies can offer at a price of 10k ? and the answer to that everyone wants is the best phone in this price segment.Thats the reason why i think gogi is comparing with RN4 because its leader till now in this range , earlier was RN3 and hence all comparisons were made with that device

  18. Lenovo k6 power has same mic problem in my mobile also purchased through flipkart. What I can do sir, whether to contact flipkart or lenovo service centre?

    1. You should have contacted Flipkart within 10 days of purchase in case its already over 10 days you will need to visit service center.

      1. Thank you sir. Already 30 days completed. I thought problem in the receiver end. But now only know that it is mic problem. I will contact service centre.

        1. Let me know what happened at service centre and if they took handset for repair or repaired it immediately.

        1. Any device is better than Samsung. Design and user interface has been same on all its device since ages

          1. I m using Samsung Galaxy On8 and it’s awesome in every deptt. Sold RN3 after using for 3 month due to Bad camera and poor display… So don’t comment before using any Mobile, it’s all depends upon person to person choice and user experience…

          2. Yes I see On8 has a new design & display like every Samsung device has from the past years. And you sold RN3 (10k-12k) and bought an above 15k phone and comparing it with RN3.

          3. Its just the blind perception of too many people here in india that samsung phones are much better than any other phone with same soecs at half price. No matter what reviewers say how over expensive samsung phones is, people tend to buy them and then there are some people like me who use samsung devices and then never buy any samsung phones for the rest of their life.

          4. Dear Dushtyant, I bought Samsung On8 on launch day @12549/- after all discounts and with 32gb Samsung memory card. Also in 12 month No Cost EMI. Now what u say Bro? It seems that u love to make arguments (nonsense) on any topic…

  19. Gogi ji, as per multimedia experience aspect, lenovo k6 power is much superior to redmi series phones with dolby atmos system sounds awesome thru earphones as well as thru speaker listening to music in redmi phones is below avg experience. I prefer surely lenovo k6 power over redmi 4 as remaining aspects are almost identical in both.

    1. Hahaha.. Are vai kabhi same headphone lagakr v dekho, duno phone me. Lenovo kabhi nhi jitega. Sirf naam ka dolby hai, in redmi phones bass is awesome. I tried with my jbl and piston3(mi) headphones , in k3 note, A6000plus(both hvng dolby) , redmi 2, note 4g, note 3, always redmi wins. And if u talking about speaker, than redmi 2 is king, lenovos speaker quality is good , only note 3 is loser here( though not that bad).

      1. Bro?? You wanna say…redmi gives better music output than Lenovo dolby?? Ha ha ha! Nailed it bro! I am using rn4 right now. I used k3 note and A7000 in the past.

        Music output with good earphones in lenovo is no way can compared with Redmi crap. Listening music in Redmi is just horrible ( I have JBL, Boats rockerz600 & Audio technica earphones as well).

        1. Did you tried to change the equalizer settings in redmi note 4, they are present in settings >additional settings>headphone and audio effects.

          1. Bro, I am sorry, I tried all the hither and thither, I personally didn’t feel anything great about redmi’s music quality.

            I dont know about k6, but in a7000 and k3, listening with JBL ans Audio technica was just tooo awesome.

        2. I can’t comment on lenovo phones in general, but i was not at all satisfied with audio output in headphones. Loudspeakers of k6 power are good, but headphone output is pathetic according to me. And i sold my Redmi 3s only to experience better music in K6 Power, but was not satisfied.

        3. @krishna, bro i dont know about k6, or note 4, a6000plus speaker quality is awesome, and in headphone treble is good but bass is avg(with any equalizer), but in redmi 2 speaker is just mind blowing, and with headphone also bass is mind blowing(u can tweak several mi equlzr), and in note 4g also mind blowing music, speaker is also very good, but i dont like note3’s speaker , camera, hdpn. Only performence and batry is better in note3, if u compare redmi2 camera with any 10-15k phn u will amazed by redmis quality,now a days they decrease their quality, redmi2s camera music was way better than note 3.

    2. I’m having mi4, mi4i and Lenovo vibe k5, with mi in-ear headphones the sound quality k5 is very good.

  20. I dont understand why was there so much hype in this overpriced junk! Even theoretically speaking, what was supposed to be special in this handset?

      1. Mai aapka youtube channel karib 3 saalo se dekh rha hu review to mai kai jagah dekhta hu but aap jo bol dete ho yo ek dum sahi hota hai.