Lenovo K6 Power microphone issue

I bought the Lenovo K6 Power handset from Flipkart and there was some issue with the microphone. When I make a call or receive a call the other person on the call was not able to hear my voice, there was disturbance and the voice was occasionally getting cut off. When using a earphone there was no issue. So the problem was with the microphone.

I asked for replacement, got a call from Flipkart, the person understood the issue as I was using the same phone, initially he was not able to hear me problem, I connected the earphone and then explained the mic issue. The person acknowledged that there was an issue.

The Flipkart person asked me to perform a factory reset, he closed the request and asked me to place the request again if there was issue after the reset. Since reset takes time, I did it but the problem was still there. I placed another request, and this time there was a lot of delay and no response from Flipkart side, just an SMS we tried contacting you will try again later.

lenovo K6 Power mic issue

The next day I call the Flipkart help-line and talked with another agent, after that I got a SMS that my request will be resolved by 11th feb. I then realized that probably they do not have the stock – if you search Lenovo K6 Power it’s out of stock on Flipkart.

Most likely they are waiting for the stock so they can send me a replacement unit – I hope so. I will keep you updated on the same.

The review of Lenovo K6 Power is coming up within few minutes / an hour or two, stay tuned.

Update : Just got another SMS from Flipkart on 11/2/2017 saying sorry for taking longer than expected time to resolve, we request to provide us time till 13th Feb, to get back to you.

Update : I got a replacement unit on 19th Feb and the new unit is working perfect, there is no microphone issue on the new Lenovo K6 power.


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