Lenovo Z2 Plus getting Nougat Update

Lenovo has started rolling out Nougat update on the Lenovo Z2 Plus handset. Some users have already received the update and have installed it. If you are using the Z2 Plus handset and haven’t updated, do watch out for the update.

Android Nougat Version 7.0 on Lenovo Z2 Plus

Before you update make sure to take a backup, though that is really not needed but just in case. Also make sure to keep the battery level at over 75% as the handset should not switch off during the update for whatever reason.

These OS update takes time and your smartphone may restart several time, so let the process happen and do not interrupt it. Your data will safe, there will be no need to re-install the apps.

Lenovo Z2 Plus Nougat update

If you are using the Lenovo Z2 Plus handset and have recently updated do leave your feedback, let us know how the update went and if there was any issues or if you notice any performance improvement etc.

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