Firefox is one of the most preferred browser, because it is simple, secure, fast and free to use. Those of you who have been using the Firefox 4 browser should immediately upgrade to the latest Firefox 5 which was recently released by Mozilla.

The Firefox 5 comes with 1000 plus improvements, tweaks and enhancements that will make your browsing experience even more exciting and secure. Moreover Firefox 4 will no longer be supported. If you still want to use the Firefox 4 browser, remember there will be no updates available, not even security updates. In other words if you want to make the Firefox 4 browser more secure, simply upgrade to Firefox 5.

There must be a reason why Mozilla suddenly jumped from version 4 to version 5. This would also mean that some of the plugins may not work as the developers will still need to update it to make it work on Firefox 5.

There is hardly any major difference between Firefox 4 and Firefox 5, but there has been a huge security improvement and more than 1000 tweaks in version 5. Security however was the major concern.  The Firefox 5 browser comes with a new feature called “Do Not Track” that takes privacy to a new level. With the Do not Track feature users will be able to customize their browser behaviour.

Firefox 5 features and download
Firefox 5 features and download

The new Firefox 5 browser will compete with the Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, Safari and Google Chrome browser.

If you like Firefox you have no other option but to upgrade to Firefox 5.

How to upgrade to Firefox 5

  1. If automatic update is on you should already have got a notification to upgrade to the new browser.
  2. In case auto update is off, you can visit the site and download the executable file, the same applies if you are installing Firefox for the first time.

Firefox 5 Features

  • High performance
  • Added advanced security
  • Cutting edge
  • Universal access
  • Powerful personalization
  • Browsing made easy

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -