The earlier version of Google Chrome browser did not support flash and users had to download and install flash player separately. But with the latest Chrome version flash comes built-in and ready to use.

If you are still using an older version of Chrome and are trying to figure out on how to install flash player in Chrome browser, simply upgrade to the newest version of Chrome software and your issue will be fixed.

However some may not be happy with flash enabled as they are fed up of annoying flash animations and other flash object including advertisements that slows down the browser, but they still want the flash option to view YouTube videos etc.

Google Chrome browser comes with Adobe Flash build-in. Chrome users can view all the plugins and can even enable or disable as needed. To view the plugins in Chrome browser simple type about:plugins in the URL address bar.  You will notice Flash (2 files) version number and Shockwave Flash version. To disable flash in chrome simple click the disable link below the plugin.

enable / disable flash plugin in chrome
enable / disable flash plugin in chrome

You can also make use of a plugin called FlashBlock that can replace the flash area with a placeholder and avoid showing the flash element by default. Users can click the placeholder to enable the flash element.  This is an excellent way to avoid seeing those flashing and annoying advertisements made using flash at the same time giving option to enable when required.

Another advantage of using the FlashBlock plugin is that the page loads much faster and also save on unnecessary bandwidth.

You can download and install the FlashBlock plugin from here.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -