MTNL Broadband unlimited Internet plans tariff Mumbai, India

MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd) has come up with new broadband plans in Mumbai, India. Users can now enjoy unlimited downloads with limited month bill what MTNL calls the share unlimited joy  @ limited price.

The MTNL plan looks quite attractive. I have been avoiding MTNL broadband especially because of limited surfing options. Now with unlimited surfing plans I would want to switch to MTNL pretty soon.

The tariff plans are cheaper than my current TATA Indicom broadband connection. I have got my reasons to switch. Check out the unlimited plan tariff and see if your find a reason to switch to MTNL broadband?

Unlimited Broadband Plan

Download Speed

Monthly Fixed charges (Rs.)

DSL Unlimited 395 320 Kbps 395 (Annual = 4,345)
DSL Unlimited Combo 495 (With Landline) 320 Kbps 495 (Annual = N/A)
DSL Unlimited 599 512 Kbps 599 (Annual = 6,589)
DSL Unlimited 749 752 Kbps 749 (Annual = 8,239)
DSL Unlimited 999 1 Mbps 999 (Annual = 10,989)
DSL Unlimited Games 1350 1.152 Mbps 1350 (Annual = N/A)
DSL Unlimited 1599 1.344 Mbps 1599 (Annual = 17,589)
DSL Unlimited 4999 2 Mbps 4999 (Annual = 54,989)
DSL Unlimited 9999 4 Mbps 9999 (Annual = 1,09,989)
mtnl unlimited plan Mumbai India fixed charges

mtnl unlimited plan Mumbai India fixed charges

For DSL unlimited 599 and above plans the Rs. 300 activation and testing charges are waived off for limited period of time.

Choose any plan and you need not pay any monthly modem service charges. However you do need to pay one time upfront charges with telephone bill for normal modem it is Rs. 300 and For Wireless Modem it is Rs. 600. (Note : Wi-Fi modems are available on demand)

If you are getting a new landline connection additional installation and security deposit charges will apply.

For more information visit the MTNL mumbai website.

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  1. Ayush Gupta says

    Very good plans from MTNL. I wish if BSNL could offer same plans as MTNL does.


      Alam Box , Belkin of Rajshree System , Cordless + MTNL(M) both , Suggest Combo

  2. Narendersingh says

    I am a subscriber of MTNL since last 5 years, service of mtnl is not satisfactory. Plans from 99 to 999 free plans I had tried, changed, even got a new computer, but MTNL service were always lousy. And mostly gets disconnected on Saturday, Friday or Sunday, they are always at fault.

    • gogi says

      Narender, I am also using the MTNL connection for past 3 months and did not find any issues with them. Yes on holidays and weekends it is slow but overall its not bad. I am using the 6 GB at 3.2 MBPS plan after the quota I get 256 kbps speed or something.

  3. Vikas says

    According to DSL Unlimited 395 plan, MTNL doesn't provide 320 Kbps download speed. Last 6 month i'm facing this problem. After completing they doesn't take any action. MTNL will chit us. First 1-3 month they stable on his plan but afterward they chit customer.