It’s a good news, especially for Firefox users as they would get an update very soon, may be in the next couple of days. Well, it is sure that almost all Firefox users will be benefited and among them consumers of existing Firefox 3.6 deserves special mentions. They will gain the latest ‘point’ update together with the release of Firefox 3.6.4.

But persons remaining engaged with the older browser will also not be deprived. Firefox 3.5.10 is coming for them in a little while. Mozilla, in the meanwhile, has made the Firefox 3.6.4 Release Candidate version available. This, exclusive of any last-minute bugs, ought to be matching to the final release coming June 1st.

As per the official deceleration of Mozilla, the release candidate build of Firefox 3.6.4 is available at the moment for download and public testing and this very version does fix issues found in the earlier beta of Firefox 3.6.4. However, if no issues are found at some stage in testing this build will be officially released as Firefox 3.6.4 final in the approaching weeks. Users who have downloaded or opted in to prior betas already are supposed to obtain the latest beta as an automatic update.

In general, this sort of updates would only deal with security and stability bugs, issues that can’t be delayed for a long time. Together with Firefox 3.6.4, even if, comes a big change to the entire Mozilla development process as, with the regular bug fixes, the most recent Firefox will also get a hold of the touted Out-of-Process Plugins feature, what Mozilla names “uninterrupted browsing.”

Firefox users to get updates in a little while

Well, this is also a notable development as it would be the first time Firefox gets a new feature together with a minor release and as indicated by Mozilla, it won’t be the last one.

Download Firefox 3.6.4 Release Candidate

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -