Internet is getting fast and faster in India. As compared to 5 years before not only has the bandwidth increased but the broadband tariff has also decreased. Hathway a popular broadband internet provider in India are now offering 5Mbps speed for just Rs. 599.

However Hathway internet connection is available in selected cities in India.  Users can avail the 5Mbps option for Rs. 599 or 2Mbps for Rs. 375. This is much cheaper than what other broadband providers in India are offering. However this plan may come with limited download options and will not really benefit the power users who like being online 247. If your internet provider is competing with Hathway most probably they may also reduce the price.

Hathway broadband internet in India
Hathway broadband internet in India

Hathway tariffs and Plans

Limited Download Plans

Plan Speed Download Upload Validity Cost
Blast 2048 Limited* 2mbps 200 MB* Unlimited 1 Month 49/-
Powerway-Quarterly 2mbps 10 GB Unlimited 3 Months  1,500/-
Expressway 4 months 1 mbps 4 GB Unlimited 4 Months 1,100/-
Expressway 12 months 1 mbps 12 GB Unlimited 12 Months 2,750/-

Special 24 hrs Unlimited Download Plans

Plan Speed Download Upload Validity Cost
Expressway-postpaid 1 mbps Unlimited Unlimited 1 Month 999/-
New Happy Way512Regular 512 kbps  Unlimited Unlimited 1 Month  499/-
Happy Way 512 Qtrly (Prepd) 512 kbps Unlimited Unlimited 3 Months 1,499/-
Blast 384 Unlimited (Postpaid) 384 kbps  Unlimited Unlimited 1 Month 475/-
256 Blast Regular Unlimited 256 kbps Unlimited Unlimited 1 Month 399/-
256 Blast-Quaterly(Prepaid) 256 kbps  Unlimited Unlimited 3 Months  1,199/-
256 Blast Xtra(prepaid) 256 kbps Unlimited Unlimited 6 Months 2,267/-

Night Unlimited Download Plans (from 11pm to 7am)

Plan Speed Download Upload Validity Cost
Happy Way 512 512 kbps  3 GB  Unlimited 2 Months  1,000/- 
Happy Way 512 512 kbps  10 GB  Unlimited 6 Months  2,800/- 

Night Unlimited from 12 Midnight to 7am
Freeway Prepaid 256 kbps 3GB Unlimited 1 Months  500/-
Freeway Prepaid 256 kbps 22GB  Unlimited 6 Months  3,000/-

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -