UCWeb Inc has released 3 new versions of UC Browser namely the UC Browser 9.5, UC Browser Mini 9.0 and UC Browser HD 2.6. These browsers were already available for downloads but recently got key updates.

The UC Browser 9.5 still claims to be the leading browser in the mobile domain. It got even faster with 15% more speed on 3G / Wi-Fi networks. Users will also experience faster download speed. There is Web Application Center to manage apps and many Indian regional languages are also supported.

UC Browser Mini 9.0 is a light weight browser best for use on handsets with less storage and/or less processing power. The Mini 9.0 now comes with a new homepage that will list sites frequently visited for quick access. The whole Mini 9.0 package (application) is around 1MB.

UC Browser HD

UC Browser HD 2.6 is specially make for bigger screen with high resolution, for example the android tablets. The HD 2.6 now comes with improved search, new UI and with ad blocking capabilities.

Depending on the android device you are using you can choose any of these UC Browser versions for a faster browsing experience.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in