A new concept – Facebook App called Facebook home that will come pre-loaded on the HTC First handset and will also get listed on Google play has already been leaked and can be downloaded from the Modaco.com website.

The HTC One handset will be available in India by end of April for Rs. 42,900 and no word about when the HTC First will be available in India. The Facebook home app turns your handset into a Facebook phone. If you are more active on Facebook this app will be more exciting.

For the app to work you need an android phone with minimum resolution of 1280×768 pixels (I am not sure if this will work only on Android 4.2 OS).  The resolution is a bit short on the Micromax A116 (1280×720 pixels). I have tested the app on A116 and its not working. The Facebook home shows up blank. For most of you android users this leak APK will not work. If you have a nexus device the app might work well.

Try the app at your own risk, it may work on your handset or it may not work. The app may also create issues that might force you to factory reset the handset, so if possible take the backups. For more info on the leaked Facebook Home APK, and for the download links (there are 3 apk files you need to download and install) visit Modaco.com.

Facebook home app

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in