Micromax A116 delayed and no point waiting for canvas 2 A110

As per the latest news from Daily Bhaskar website the Micromax A116 will be delayed further. The A116 stock was expected to be in the markets by 15th March 2013, but it seems users will have to wait more.

When the Micromax A116 was made available on 14th Feb, those who managed to book on that day, were the lucky ones, they got the handset within few days. For other who booked a little late (15th to 18th Feb) will get the handset within few days (after such a long wait).

Snapdeal are still waiting for the stock for the pending orders. This is the main reason why Snapdeal’s are not accepting new orders. Moreover you will not find any online site putting up the Micromax A116 for sale. Few sites that claim they have the handset might have probably got few handsets via Snapdeal and may be selling it for a higher price.

If you are still waiting for the Micromax A116, you will have to wait a little more. Interestingly as per the Bhaskar website Micromax is not showing any interest for the Micromax A110 model, which means users looking for Canvas 2, should start looking for some other handset. Thankfully there are many alternatives for the Canvas 2.

Source : Daily Bhaskar

Micromax A116 delayed


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