Those waiting for the UMI X2 handset, here is some bad news, it will be delayed further. If website is to be believed the X2 handset will take some more time.

As per the website there is some optimization issue with the X2 handset which has forced the company to delay the product. Interesting the orders for X2 is still being processed in India via the website.

It would be wise to wait or look for some other quad core options. Also do not pre-book as the handsets are not yet physically available. The specifications no doubt are impressive. The 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage is icing on the cake. There was also the news about a 16GB X2 version in the pipeline.

It seems the high display resolution of 1080p on X2 may not be working smoothly with the MT6589 processor. Probably may require some additional OS tweaking to improve the performance.

For now the X2 is still in waiting, but the UMI X1 is all set to go. UMI will also come up with UMI X1S an upgraded version of X1 with quad core CPU. Stay tuned for more.

Source : GizChina

UMI X2 delayed

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -