Low cost UMI X2 with 16GB storage coming soon

The umimobile facebook page now shows up another X2 model with 16GB storage. If you may recall the 32GB UMI X2 (quad core) was listed for Rs. 14,000. Probably this 16GB version will be a little cheaper. 

It is still not clear if the specifications are trimmed down or if it is the same as the X2. Users are still waiting for the UMI X2 model priced at Rs. 14,000 with full HD screen resolution, 13MP camera, 2GB RAM and 32GB storage. Well there is still time and pre-bookings have already started.

Instead of paying the full amount, users will now need to pay Rs. 500 to confirm the order. UMI have also listed their bank accounts in India wherein you can make the transfer. You will need to pay the balance before the dispatch is made.

I would suggest users to wait and watch rather than spend Rs. 500 to book the handset. Let the stock fill up wait for reviews and user views and then make a move. UMI is ordering limited stocks – X1 = 6500 Pcs and X2 = 18000 Pcs. Looking at the demand this will soon go out of stock. But to be on the safer side have patience, UMI is new in India and it will be better to order when they have the stock in hand.



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