The umimobile facebook page now shows up another X2 model with 16GB storage. If you may recall the 32GB UMI X2 (quad core) was listed for Rs. 14,000. Probably this 16GB version will be a little cheaper. 

It is still not clear if the specifications are trimmed down or if it is the same as the X2. Users are still waiting for the UMI X2 model priced at Rs. 14,000 with full HD screen resolution, 13MP camera, 2GB RAM and 32GB storage. Well there is still time and pre-bookings have already started.

Instead of paying the full amount, users will now need to pay Rs. 500 to confirm the order. UMI have also listed their bank accounts in India wherein you can make the transfer. You will need to pay the balance before the dispatch is made.

I would suggest users to wait and watch rather than spend Rs. 500 to book the handset. Let the stock fill up wait for reviews and user views and then make a move. UMI is ordering limited stocks – X1 = 6500 Pcs and X2 = 18000 Pcs. Looking at the demand this will soon go out of stock. But to be on the safer side have patience, UMI is new in India and it will be better to order when they have the stock in hand.


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  1. Hi gogi did u get the sample piece of umi x2 for review as they posted it on the facebook page?, if yes need the reviews please pls post it soon, we have to confirm whether it is true or scam! please put your valuable reviews abt the phone!

  2. Dear sir, when umi x2 wil be available in the market. Do u prefer me to umi x2 or micromax canvas hd.

  3. Hi Gogi..! Thank you for all the updates on UMI…Haven’t u got d review unit of UMIX2? 2 days ago, u said that they would ship d review unit by 18 or 20 th as per their e-mail? Any update now?

    1. Prithish, its the cache system, if you are not able to see then refresh the page or wait for some time.

  4. Companys are not directly commented on most of the Blogspots, and reviews website. they only monitors. but Team UMI is so fast forward. they loosess his patience and comment regularly
    totally scared be carefull
    what you think about of this @ gogi

  5. Goggi sir, plz review Lava iris N454, . I think this is better 8Mp camera 1.3MP front cam 4.5 screen dual core 3G phone under 8k. Also specify battery backup and native video call support otherwise.

  6. I’ll rather spend my hard earned money on Nokia Lumia 720 for 20k than this chinese toy.

  7. Sources say:The mtk chipset that umi,iocean etc use doesn’t support 2gb ram yet due to some issues and this problem will be solved in may ,that’s why youth versions are launching first,also the x2 unit that was showed somewhere in china for benchmark scoring uses 1gb ram instead so guys there will be lot of delays, what do u say gogi??do u know something about this ram issue?

  8. I don’t see any 16 GB X2 on the Umi India site?? Links please…..
    Also the contact number on website doesn’t even exist… the mails or queries to the mail ID isn’t responded to… I believe it is a fake website…

  9. Now they’re saying, review units will be sent on March 18th. Bad, really bad!

    1. Where did you get that info from any links for it?? Cos i read in XDA forum that it’ll launch only in April. Review units were out last month in China.

  10. Really helpful decision making reviews and suggestions from your part GOGI…
    Now i have seen a few doubtful about the 1080 resolution of the phone as it would be hard to play high end game with that resolution with just a powervr sgx 544xt chip……so could you help on this topic GOGI or is the 16GB part a lower resolution, if so im in for the buy and UMI will definitely stay in market for a long time!!! ^_^

    1. Ajith, the specs on 16GB version is not clear yet. But with 1080p resolution there should not be issues with the handset, yes high end games may lag, but that needs to be confirmed.

  11. Hardcore android gamers dont buy umi x2 cpu and gpu on this phone handle normal apps but dont expect good performance in games like gameloft games it wiil hot soon and drain battery also. low frame rate will spoil good gaming experiance on this phone buy 720p display quadcore 32gb in built phone it will be a paisa vasool phone.

    1. We are coming with partnership with Gameloft for preloaded apps & new game releases, will post updates on FB page soon 🙂

      1. Good news for Mmx Fans & bad news for Umi fans.. UMI X2 will be delayed coz der is sumthing cald “optimisation” prblm arised wid MTK6589 SoC’s & 2GB RAM when is accumilated.. Check gizchina.. Wud u care to reply on dis matter? @Team Umi

  12. Hi gogi, I am a lecturer at kanpur univ. and although I am pretty skeptical about most things, but somehow your art of journalism really impresses me, keep on the good work, u r much better than most of the reviews I used to read some time back in the states, highly appreciate ur en devour.. cheers.

  13. There is another quadcore phone jiayu g4 which has similar features to umi x2 which is getting ready to launch in india. It is the best well known brand in china and is planning to launch single core at 4k, dual core at 8k nd quad at 9-12k. Jiayu g3 is quite famous too. Better brand+same 2gb ram+16/32gb rom+9-12k ie 2k cheaper=seems like a better buy. The screen is 4.5in 720p with option of 1800mh/3000mh battery. A very balanced phone atleast specwise it seems.

  14. Gogi, Plz advice your readers not 2 make any advance payment because Umi are running with hype & playing with people sentiments.. We (consumers) are not looking at the big picture here.. For eg. If Umi gets prebooking of 20k handsets the stock of Umimobiles (which is most likely 15k of X2 & 5k of X1 will get prebooked eventually because of absence of Canvas HD) The calculations sums up like dis 20k*500=1crore (yes u heard it ri8 they can become crorepati qithout playing kbc coz Indians r easy 2 fool).. Even,so many have already paid advance payment(I am reading it on fb..) I’ll have feel sorry 4 them if it comes fake..

    1. Prithish, I have mentioned in comments and other articles to wait for review / user views before booking.

  15. Gogi bhai vat abt review unit of X2?
    Kahi bus ya taxi se to nahi bhej rahe woh ya fir sea route SHIP se:)

  16. We need to make sure this is not like beelabz.
    Same story happened with beelabz.
    I have got good lession with beelabz.

  17. sir,
    is there any mobile with hd not full hd , quadcore, 2gb ram and atleast 4 gb rom,android 4.1, small screen btwn 4~4.7 ,with good battery like 2000mah….under Rs 15000/- 🙂

  18. hi
    i see one good thing happening for us all these Chinese phones coming is gona make all the big guys wake up and give us better prices. I mean all these big brand guys will start giving us good phones and pretty eco prices. A few years back we never would have expected the Galaxy grand at such a price right so its good for Mobile crazy guys like me get to chose what we want right and good pricings tooo

  19. gogibhai
    ram ram
    not even launched x2 and new version is out.
    dont u think they r simply posting something and stoping people from buying other handsets
    nothing hard evidance from them just rumors, fooling us with high spec at low price. once iocean comes with news that it will come @9000,at the same time others come with other news about new launch (all bogus)

  20. I had bought ZOPO zp100. The product is good really. But the ZOPO India team gives a dam about after sales. Even sales team is quite lethargic. They never follow committed dates.

  21. The charm of UMI X2 is fading away with every passing day. I wonder how long are these people going to make us wait. I just hope that the review is not disappointing.

  22. Best time for mmx to release next lot of A116 in this delay.It will get enormous response,since it is reviewed by many websites.What do say gogi?

  23. Every thing as per specification concern works fine with UMI X2 either 32 gb or 16 gb version.. but what about the SAR values.. I hear that no Chinese company ever declare SAR values for their mobiles.. so my concern is even if UMI and other Chinese companies do declare SAR value (First of all they have to declare) what if that’s not wrong one. & how we can get actual SAR value for any mobile?

  24. phewwww…confusion is getting bigger n bigger………
    on one side micromax is delayin canvas hd n on other new phones r comin in….
    dont know what to do.

  25. Completely agree wid u..! Also,other chinese players coming 2 India late March,so aftr d reviews we cud fairly assume/sketch up the quality of chinese products & abt der aftrsale service also…! Its strange bcoz only Umi is doing fair bit of rounds in India,no Jiayu,Iocean,Neo,Xiaomi (unka toh kuch khabar hi nhi he) And,i sud warn the readers to choose d product carefully bcoz, rumors r UmiX1 screens r getting cracked aftr few days of use,also dey havn’t still launched in China.. China ka maal china me abhi tak launch nhi huya,hum Indians ka itna important person hai, Dat we r getting the product earlier dan d Chinese..

    1. completely agree with u ,, something is fishy here ..They are not releasing in china but here.

  26. Wait and watch….I bet if you stop posting these great news then we might just follow your advice(just kidding, don’t ever). Why don’t you email or phone them to find the exact details of the device, would be great.

      1. Guys, things seems to be suspicious with UMI people since they haven’t launched the phone in China, why? why they are launching in India first? Also why they r accepting Rs.500/- as pre-booking charges and then full payment to be transfer to their bank account before despatching the order? Why they r not accepting COD? We should be carefully and should wait as per Gogi bhai advice. Let them launch the phone in India and review by Gogi bhai then we should make our mind to go for it or not. Better to go with MMX HD A116 for the time being if we r in hurry. It is best budget Quardcore mobile till date which will be easily available after 15th March and a well known brand…. Gogi bhai, what would you advise !!!!

        1. Sanjay, better to wait for go for that is in stock. You see as per the budget even companies that re-brand the product (even though fully made in China) will need to pay excise of 6% so lets see if they can maintain the price and the stock.

          1. Hi gogi
            U contradicting your own post in which u said, Excise duty will effect only those mobiles made in India and not the ones made in china

          2. Ashish, yes there is an update, I have updated the earlier post too. If a company is exporting the product directly as is and selling as is then there is no excise duty but if they are re-branding it and selling as own brand from India then it is treated as manufacturing.

  27. when i clicked on the umi url on facebook i got the following message “Trend Micro: This website was classified as abusive” – bad omen uh?

    1. Same here. I can see page only after terminating Trend micro process via Task Manager. Trend Micro blocks it and termed as “Verified Fraudulent Page”. But don’t worry…Trend Micro is blocking many other Chinese websites as well.