It’s official Micromax A110 will get the Jelly Bean update

If you are a proud owner of Micromax A110 canvas 2 and are eagerly waiting to get the handset upgraded to the Android Jelly Bean OS, well here’s good news. Micromax will officially provide the Jelly Bean upgrade for the A110 model.

There are some custom Jelly Bean ROM’s listed on the XDA forum, though some work really well, installing it will void the warranty. Those who do not want to take the risk can now get it done, officially.

Having said that the process is not that simple, well you don’t have to do anything, in fact OTA (over the Air) update is not available. This means that you will need to visit the nearest Micromax service center and get the update done.

The JB upgrade will be available next week and it will be better if you call the service centre and confirm if they have the JB update ready. This is a very good move by Micromax as we have often seen that low budget handsets are usually ignored when it comes to software upgrades.

If Micromax is giving the MMX A110 Jelly Bean upgrade i.e. version 4.1, they probably will give an upgrade to Android 4.2 for their next popular handset the Micromax A116.

Micromax A110 Jelly Bean official update

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  1. umang patel says:

    how i root my micromax a110

    • Amartya.B says:

      Google it or go to XDA
      I cannot specify you the process unless I can know what version of android you are running

  2. CV says:

    Hi Gogi,

    Plz clarify whether adobe flash player will be supported by A110 after jellybean update?
    As per my information, adobe flash player is supported till ICS only…

  3. ramesh says:

    Kaya mail mmx @110 ki ram 512mb ko 1gb Kara sakta hoo.

  4. Shaik says:

    I’m using Tata Docomo connection for 3G, Internet isn’t working fine though I have off and on the data connection. Is there any work around for this issue.

  5. Tanjeet says:

    What about Micromax A90s????

  6. Aijaz says:

    SIM slots and surroundings getting heat up while charging and while using the phone after updated to Jellybean V3 1.11..
    Does anybody have same problem ??Any solutions?

    • ajay says:

      sim slots and surrounding heat up while charging my a110 smart phone ,, did u get the solution?????
      if yes, please reply as soon as possible.. I am also planning to go to micromax service center and I’ll try to find out solution….

  7. Chetan says:

    My data port is not working It got ciut from chipset itself got is fixed from local shop but only charging works data transfer doesn’t work.

    1) What will be the approximate cost if I want to replace the chipset
    2) Can I update to jelly bean with this existing problem?

  8. lovaking says:

    Hi friends, earlier I upgraded my mmxA110 with Cynust2jelly bean. But I am trying to update MMX official jellybean through cwm recovery mode an error displayed that “installation aborted” please reply soon moreover my model name displays as cynust2 instead of MMX canvas

  9. RK says:

    Already did that 2 days ago.. JB seems to be working its magic.. my device is smoother than ICS. Do try it out…

    Will be waiting for JB 4.2

    • lovaking says:

      HI RK enjoying jelly bean ah :) earlier I upgraded my mmxA110 with Cynust2jelly bean. But I am trying to update MMX official jellybean through cwm recovery mode an error displayed that “installation aborted” please reply soon and also my model name displays as cynus t2

  10. sunilkumar says:

    i have upgraded 4.1.1 version ,whenever i reboot or restart , phone send sms to micromax & replay for thanking for purchased.

  11. Rohit says:

    hi gogi..
    I have a querry I have 2 android handset( both mmx) n both rooted…
    can I update their software from.mmx ftp server, or does updating rooted phone is not recommended… will it brick them??
    plz revert back…
    thanks … n gr8 job:)

    • Gogi Rana says:

      Please go through the comments.

  12. chidu says:

    I upgraded to J.B from micromax ftp.
    Only u can upgrade using flash tool
    Dial pad
    Smoothness yes
    Memory well aligned for games
    Display not equal to V1 rom
    Gsm no options for sim 1 & 2

    • chidu says:

      Please read it has ‘GosmsPro’ not ‘Gsm’. Sorry for typo error

  13. Dnyanadev says:

    Dear Gogi,
    Have you installed 4.1 Jelly Bean in ur A110???
    Pls update on the same with your comments.

    • Gogi Rana says:

      No not yet. It will take me some time. But there are other who have installed you can check the comments.

      • Jafar says:

        Yup, I’ve installed the official Jelly Bean today.

        Its way owsum!!! lovin’ it.!!

        downloaded from mx live ftp site, flashed with sp tool. will write a tutorial about this soon!

      • Dnyandev says:

        I have upgraded with the help of your post “”…Many thanks!!!

        Now it says 4.1.1 version :)

  14. siddhi says:

    Micromax cheating customer pls give OTA that is the right way this process voids your warranty don’t follow this.

  15. Atul says:

    Hi Gogi,

    I tried to upgrade my phone by going into recovery mode but the Recovery Mode icon shows exclamation mark on that. I don’t know what is that for.

    Pl help me out soon.

    Thanks :)

    • atul says:

      Hi gogi,

      I reach to recovery mode but there is no option available to upgrade phone with the zip file that is available on my internal SD card. When I select upgrade the phone via internal SD card it will not shows the zip file available on the SD card.

      Revert soon.

      • Balaji says:

        try to install the zip file in main directory of SD card. Means not in any folder. keep it separately not in any folder.

  16. rockeZ says:

    I have upgraded !!!
    Now it says 4.1.1 version

  17. eshwar says:

    jelly bean released……please help me how to install through recovery mode.

  18. AMIT says:

    Dear Gogi,

    Pls note that Jb update is available on mmx ftp site, pls advice is it possible to load like V2 & what about Rooting the JB version, is it possible & above all what the sz of internal memory i.e. remain same live V2 or change.

  19. manish menghani says:

    Jellybean update available on micromax ftp site.

    • A. SIDDHARTH says:

      Details of jb update gogi. Plz do a article. Any one post details.

    • S D I Ranjit says:

      Downloading now.
      Anyone updated yet?

  20. sam says:


    can we upgrade jb official rom from service center while on v2 rom or we need to flash v1 rom first. if yes than plz provide path to download v1 rom and procedure.plz answer this.

  21. Sumeet says:


    In my Canvas A110, some application not open and error come “Unfortunately this app has stopped”. so i remove this application and reinstall this application but till this error come and application not open …

    please help me what can i do ?

  22. Dhishant.Ahuja says:

    hey Gogi i have upgraded my mmx a110 to V2 ROM as its was posted in your website,
    do i need to revert it back to V1 ROM (available on mmx’s ftp site) to get JB Upgrade from their service center or they will treat my V2 ROM as their official one ?

  23. Vivek GK says:

    Great news. I’m still going to wait till it has been tested out by you, Gogi. The V2 firmware update messed up the color vibrance. I really don’t see the point of upgrading unless there’s a substantial performance increase and a better division of built in storage, without messing up the good features. I am pissed off that I can’t install apps that I purchased like asphalt 7 and nfs most wanted.

  24. A. SIDDHARTH says:

    When is jb update coming. Details of rom and ram usage after update. Any news. Plz quote as you or any one get the information.

  25. ritik says:

    Hi gogi may i root my device too, or other roms, how is your working …is it smooth or do i wait for jb update.

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