As smartphones get smarter they also become more vulnerable to viruses. There are a lot of users who are using Android Smartphones and since it is 2G/3G enabled and always connected, they may never know when their handset may get infected.

The best way to avoid viruses on your android phone is to install apps from known sources (via Google Play). Though this may not be 100% secure but at least it does add up some level of protection.

It is always better to install an Anti virus app to be safe than be sorry. So which is the best Antivirus for Android phone? Well here are the top 5 antivirus apps that you can choose from.

Best Antivirus for Android devices

Comodo Security Solutions
This is probably the best free android antivirus app wherein all of the features work. This app will provide antivirus protection for your android smartphone, gives you control over running processes (task manager), you can block calls or SMS’s, privacy protection – for your eyes only, Backup, traffic monitor and anti theft protection.

Comodo mobile security for android

The Comodo Security Solutions app is free to use, is 2.2 MB and requires android 2.2 and above. Get Comodo Security from Google Play.

Avast Mobile Security
This apps works on both rooted and non rooted phones. On rooted phones it can add some extra level of protection as rooted phones are more vulnerable. The Avast Mobile app not only provides protection from viruses but also comes with extra features like Call / SMS filtering, App Manager, Firewall and Anti-Theft.

avast antivirus for android

It’s a good app try it out and best part is that it is free to use. The file size is about 2.6MB and you need Android 2.1 and above. Search and install Avast Mobile Security from Google Play.

AVG Mobilation
AVG is well known free antivirus software for desktops / Laptops. AVG also helps protect your mobile phones. This app can scan files in real time and can protect you smartphone from spyware, viruses and malware.

AVG antivirus for android smartphone

Key features are real time monitoring, recover lost or stolen phone via Google Maps, task and battery manager. This android antivirus is also free to use. Search and install AVG Mobilation from Google Play.

NQ Mobile Security
My Spice Mi-425 had this NQ antivirus app pre-loaded. It is a good app but at times can get quite annoying because of the floating status that appear and disappear when ever an app is launched.

NQ security comes with antivirus, internet protection, anti theft, backup contacts and network manager that can monitor the bandwidth that you have used. The network manager is really helpful, you can setup the monthly quota and the app will give you a warning as and when you approach closer to the limit.

NQmobile Mobile Security for Android phones

Though this is a free app you will need to buy the premium version to enable most of the features. Just search NQ Mobile Security on Google Play.

McAfee Mobile Security (Paid)
The McAfee security app comes with anti theft, call/SMS filter, app protection, antivirus and safe mode web surfing. This is not a free app, however you can try this app for 7 days after which you need to purchase the app.

McAfee Mobile Security for Android

The main highlight is the remotely wipe data that will automatically remove private information your phone (data, contacts, images, etc.) in case the device is lost or stolen. Moreover you will also be able to trace the device via Google maps and view its exact location. To install find McAfee on Google Play.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -