After imposing a 100 SMS per day limit from a single SIM, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has now increased the limit by 100 making it possible to send 200 SMS’s per day from a single SIM. This is good news for students and consumers who prefer texting. This new rule will be in effect from today.

TRAI came up with this rule to reduce SMS spams that were often sent by telemarketing companies who were not registered with TRAI. However companies that are registered with TRAI can still send ‘n’ number of commercial SMS messages. That is the reason why even after, the 100 SMS per day limit was implemented the SMS spam did reduce but did not stop completely.

But thankfully, TRAI, finally came to a conclusion that 100 SMS’s were indeed less and it should be increased to 200 per day. I guess may be someone in TRAI wanted to send more SMS and the 100 SMS per day limit seemed too low, so they changed the rule.

From today send 200 SMS per day per SIM
From today send 200 SMS per day per SIM

This move will not stop non commercial SMS Spam because those un-registered companies have already invested in multiple SIMs and now with a 200 limit you can expect more SMS spam. The common mobile user is not concerned whether the sender is registered with TRAI or not they simply are not interested in receiving SMS’s from any unknown number.

Anyway for now on you can send 200 SMS’s per day from a single SIM, but if you have more than 200 friends you will still curse TRAI because “haar ek friend jarori hota hai”!

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -