You can now watch JioTV on your computer

Many of you are already using Reliance Jio SIM and already installed the My Jio App. Most likely you might have also installed the JioTV app. For now this JioTV option was available / accessible from your mobile phone but now you can watch it from your computer too.

To watch Jio TV on your computer all you need to do is type in your browser and view it. But to watch the TV you need to login to Jio servers using your Jio ID. Once you login you can watch JioTV on your PC / laptop, select channels and you can even rewind 1 hour back.

There are many categories on JioTV from News, Entertainment, Business news, Movies, Sports, Kids etc. and you can also watch content in 16 Indian regional languages. So this is a good option in the sense you just need your Jio ID to login to JioTV  on your PC / Laptop that might be connected to any other network / broadband etc  – you really don’t need a Jio net connection.

How to watch Jio TV on your computer

How to watch Jio TV on your Laptop / PC

  1. Open browser and type
  2. Use your Jio ID to login, in case you don’t know / don’t have a Jio ID use sign up
  3. Once you login you can watch JioTV


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