Since the official announcement of Reliance Jio, and the free usage offer i.e. free Jio SIM with welcome offer that gives user free 4G data and voice usage up to December 31st 2016, it has attracted a lot of attention. Now the company is testing a new pilot program that will make it much easier for customers to get a Jio SIM.

Getting a Jio SIM was really difficult initially. But as for now one can easily get a Jio SIM card with welcome offer. The company will soon start a new program that will make it even simpler – customers will get their Jio SIM delivered right at their doorstep.

This pilot program will initially be rolled out in major cities. As per the program customers will get an invite and they will need to schedule the SIM delivery at their preferred time and place. A Reliance Jio rep will then deliver the SIM – I guess eKYC process will be used for instant verification, am not sure if any other customer verification option apart from Aadhaar will be available.

Reliance Jio SIM at your doorstep

There is another program that housing complex and enterprise can use (Jio at your housing complex / Enterprise). In fact this already happened in your complex. You need to invite the Jio Team at your premises. The Jio team then on a particular day will setup a small counter in your housing complex / premises and anyone who needs a Jio SIM can get it done from the counter itself. Do Note : Local Aadhaar card is needed for instant eKYC based activation.

What is the process for getting Jio Rep at your complex / enterprise?

Just visit this link and fill in the form and submit it. This program is currently available in Pune, Delhi (NCR), Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Navi Mumbai.

By Sunil V