Memory products and technology solutions leading brand – Kingston Technology, has recently launched its latest addition to the external Solid State Drive (SSD) lineup – the XS1000. This sleek compact file backup solution is joining in the XS2000 and boosts Kingston’s external SSD product offerings. Both drives have pocket-sized dimensions, weighing less than 29 grams.

Compact and Powerful

The Kingston XS1000 boasts impressive read speeds of up to 1,050MB/s, making it ideal for storing large files such as photos, videos, and documents. The XS1000 can store up to 2TB of data; just enough for your digital needs.

USB-C Compatibility

The compatibility of this device comes from using USB-C to USB-A cable that ensures seamless connection with a variety of devices including older hardware. With many storage options available on the market today, this makes it a versatile option.

External SSD

Reliable Performance

Just like all other Kingston drives inclusive of the XS1000 undergoes rigorous testing so as to ensure high quality, reliability and functionality.The XS1000 provides an easy way to create back-ups of files and serves as a trusted companion allowing you access whenever you need important documents or media-files.

Ultimate Portability

Currently being the smallest available on the market external SSD has made Kingston be proud. The latter is distinguished by its minuteness whose size is only half that of an ordinary SSD while performance has been maintained at rates reaching up to 1050 MB/sec guaranteeing unparalleled mobility efficiency.

External SSD from Kingston


Interface: USB 3.2 Gen 2

Speed: Up to 1,050MB/s read, 1,000MB/s write

NAND: Three-Dimensional

Capacities: 1-TB and 2-TB

Dimensions: 69.54 x 32.58 x 13.5mm

Weight: 28.7g

Casing Material: Metallized + Synthetic

Operating temperature: 0°C~40°C

Storage temperature: -20°C~85°C

Warranty/Support: Limited five-year warranty with free technical support.

Compatible with : Windows® 11, 10, macOS® (v.10.15.x +), Linux (v. 4.4.x +), Chrome OS™, Android™, iOS/iPadOS® (v.13+)

The Kingston XS1000 External SSD offers an ideal mix of portability, performance and reliability aspects. This is a versatile external storage solution that provides high speed capabilities and a substantial amount of space for data storage purposes while the design attractiveness and adequate capacity have been combined together.


Q: Is the Kingston XS1000 compatible with my device?

A: It can be used with a variety of devices such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Android and iOS/iPadOS.

Q: What is the warranty period for the XS1000?

A: The Kingston XS1000 comes with limited five years warranty and free technical support from Kingston.

Q: Can I use the XS1000 for gaming?

A: Yes! No wonder it has fast read and write speeds which boost gaming performance.

Q: How does the XS1000 compare to other external SSDs?

A: As an external disk drive among many others this one is special because of its small size yet high speeds as well as large storage capacities making it incomparable to other SSDs available today.

Q: Does the XS1000 require any special software for operation?

A:The device is as a matter of fact plug-and-play hence can be operated without any additional programs on appropriate devices that are compatible with it in nature.