This is Seagate One Touch SSD 1TB External Solid State Drive Portable priced at around 10K, this one supports USB 3.0 and supports speed of up to 400MB/s. Watch this video to know if you should buy a portable SSD and what are the advantages of using a Portable SSD.

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Seagate One Touch 1TB SSD

This compact, verl light weight, easy to carry, fits in your wallet and quite durable. It works with Mac and Windows OS. As mentioned speed of up to 400MB/s is supported, via USB 3.0. On USB 2 the speed will be less.

What should you use a Portable SSD?

Many laptops that are available today come with SSD as well as with HDD, the main OS is on SSD as that is faster and more durable. But still making use of SSD makes sense.


Primary use of portable SSD is for taking backup, since it is compact, portable and durable.

However it can also be used for other activities even as a dedicated portable drive. I use it, for my youtube projects, all the videos are on the portable SSD, the biggest advantage is that I have two laptops and I can switch the laptop in case one fails to work.

Since the project files are saved on the portable SSD it is easy for me to move to other workstation, well not only that in case the 2nd backup laptop stops working I can still move on and find some computer and get the work done.

I would say having a SSD portable drive is a must today.


By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -