There are many Smartwatches available in the market and many more will be launched, but some are unique like the NoiseFit Fusion this is a Hybrid smart watch, it has got that Analog look, with mechanical hands and beneath it is the screen, well touch screen. Price is Rs. 6,999.

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NoiseFit Fusion features, specifications

This smartwatch is using a stainless steel body, excellent build and finishing. There are two parts the mechanical hands that makes this look like any ordinary watch and the smartwatch feature that activates once the button is pressed.

This watch is 5ATM water resistant, can monitor your physical activities, comes with built in heart rate sensor, can also monitor your sleep.

Screen is 1.22” TFT Touch screen, supports smart notification – the watch hand goes horizontal for easy reading of content on screen. The crown can also be rotated to browse through content / menu.

noisefit fusion hybrid smartwatch

There is a cool looking magnetic charger inside the box, on a full charge you can get up to 3 days using the smartwatch features and without the smartwatch feature i.e. in Analog mode you can get up to 30 days of battery life.

NoiseFit Fusion performance

It gives consistent results, looks great, a little heavy cause of stainless steel body. I did not find any exercise mode to track say walking, running – specific exercise type. Battery life is really good depends on the mode you select. I wished the screen quality and interface was more better. There are couple of watch faces, would love to see more.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -