Happy Independence Day to all from Gogi Tech

Today is 15th August 2017 and 70th year since we got Independence. I would like to wish all the followers of gogi.in a Happy Independence Day. I created this page so we Indians can celebrate  the 70th year of Independence.

15th August is declared as a national holiday. Let us know what you did this Independence apart from hosting the national flag in your locality / office / society. Probably some of you might be watching the PM’s speech on TV.

Thank you all for your support, and you can use this page to wish others.

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Happy Independence Day



  1. Sam
    • Vinny
  2. Aqeel
  3. Vivek
  4. deepak das
  5. Tariq
  6. Prithish
  8. Nitesh
  9. Ajay
  10. Ajay
  11. kit
  12. Vinny
    • Prem
  13. Prakash
  14. Shrikant
  15. Hitesh
  16. Rohit Jain
  17. Ks
  18. Bharath SB
  19. Shiv
  20. wizzy
  21. Dipak Patel
  22. Minhaj
  23. Soumyabrata
  24. palani K
  25. NasiR
  26. SUYOG
  27. bmani1409
  28. AzizUllaKhan
  29. Suraj B
  30. Madhan Kumar
  31. Man
  32. Deepak
    • sachin11
      • Deepak
        • Mithun
          • Sunil Goyal
          • Deepak
  33. Aman Lateef
  34. Riyaz Khan
  35. Nishad
    • sachin11

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