Battery Saver apps for Android phones – Get the most out of your smartphone

Today many users prefer an android smartphone which can perform many other tasks apart from receiving and making calls. Battery life however has been a major concern with many users and no doubt it will be, as the smartphones come loaded with many features that can easily drain the battery juice.

Kaspersky Lab Parental Control App for Android devices

Today one can not only browse websites using their desktop or laptops but they can do the same from a tablet or a mobile phone too. If you are letting your child use your tablet / handset for surfing think again, without any parental control app your child is left vulnerable to harmful and unsuitable …

Android Guide: How to install Android apps via market place and manually

When you buy an android phone it comes pre-loaded with some apps but you can always add more apps via the android market place or manually installing it by downloading the app file. The android OS has made the whole process so much easier that you really do not need to go into the manual …

MapmyIndia ShowNearby free app for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone

Now you can get all the information based on your location by downloading the MapmyIndia ShowNearby free app for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones. This app works anywhere in India and you can get location based information almost instantly for nearby ATMs, Banks, Restaurants, Shopping malls, Police station, Hospitals.

Top 10 must have (free) apps for your Android Mobile Phone

There is always something new happening with Android powered handsets, thanks to the vast Android market that already have a lot of applications and new apps getting added almost every day. With an Android handset you can never get bored. If you have got a new Android handset or have been using it for a …

Listen to unread Gmail on your Android phone using Enhanced Gmail Reader

For Android users here is another exiting application that enhances the Gmail experience on your mobile handset. This Android app works only on Android 2.0 and above. The Enhanced Gmail Reader makes life simpler by fetching all the unread messages and reading them to you.

Top 6 free battery indicator apps for Android Phones

There are thousands of apps available for the Google Android OS. But there is one app that you will find on the home screen of almost all android handsets, the battery indicator. Smartphone’s can drain away a lot of battery hence it is necessary to monitor it and preferably see the accurate status on the …