Now you can get all the information based on your location by downloading the MapmyIndia ShowNearby free app for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones. This app works anywhere in India and you can get location based information almost instantly for nearby ATMs, Banks, Restaurants, Shopping malls, Police station, Hospitals.

The MapmyIndia ShowNearby app is easy to use and to make your search simpler the locations are categorized with main categories and subcategories. If you are planning to visit a new place, anywhere in India, this app will be of great help.  This app makes use of GPS and 3G / 2G connection. So you need these two features on your mobile phone.

MapmyIndia ShowNearby Review

I downloaded this app on my Samsung Galaxy i7500 handset which is comparatively a very old android handset but I think the experience may be a bit better on newer handsets. Though this is an excellent app there are some problems that I faced.

  • When I started the MapmyIndia ShowNearby app the GPS icon flashed for some time and then disappeared. For some reason it could not get a fix on the GPS. I then closed the app and switched on Google Maps which then locked on to GPS in less than a minute.  Then I closed the Google Maps and immediately launched the ShowNearby app. This time the GPS worked!.
  • I could then see my location and then tried selecting a category, choose ATM, and found the details with distance. I could see the arrow a kind of an indicator guiding me to the ATM, but again I could not find the view on map option, may be because I am using an older Android phone with android 1.6 OS. This app will guide you even without the map mode but it’s easier to navigate via the map mode.
MapmyIndia ShowNearby on Android Phone
MapmyIndia ShowNearby on Android Phone
  • Every time you select a category / sub category (if any) a list is downloaded. You can even search any place by name for example search for Pizza and you will get the list of places selling pizza.
  • This app will work best if you have a 3G connection, GPRS / EDGE may take some time to download the location list.
  • Try it out its free I am sure you will like it.

Download ShowNearby: BlackBerry | Android | iPhone.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -