Here are some of the problems I faced with my Samsung Galaxy i7500 and some fixes that worked for me. First of all there will be no further ROM (Android) updates as far as i7500 is concerned. So watch out for some third party android 2.1 for Samsung Galaxy i7500.

The common problem faced by Samsung Galaxy users is during the in-call process. When calling as soon as you bring the phone to your face the screen turns off immediately and when you bring the phone back in front of your face the screen should turn on.

For some users the screen never turns on and if any other key is press the screen does turn on but the touch screen is disabled. This turns out to be really frustrating when you need to press additional numbers from the dial pad.

Samsung Galaxy i7500 problems and fixes
Samsung Galaxy i7500 problems and fixes

Here is what you can do. First test if sensors are working to do so go into phone mode and using the dial pad type *#*#0*#*#* you should then see a diagnostic screen with a number of options to test different function of Galaxy i7500. Test if the sensors are working.

If your sensors are working, hold the phone in your hand and strongly blow air into the earpiece which is next to the sensor. Most probably it’s the dust that is causing the problem. For me that fixed it.

How do you reset the Samsung Galaxy i7500 to factory default?
Go to settings -> SD Card and Phone Storage -> factory data reset.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -