Mozilla has been working on the Firefox update for quite some time and the next version the Firefox 8.0 is scheduled to be released on 8th November 2011 (tomorrow).  However GHacks have unveiled an FTP link on the Mozilla server from where you can download the Firefox Setup 8.0.exe, today.

Why wait for tomorrow when you can get the Firefox 8.0 up and running today. The Firefox 8.0 is available for free on Linux, Mac and Windows operating system. There are a lot of new things you will find in the 8.0 browser.

The main highlight is the Twitter search that can be initiated from the address bar. Third Party add on which were always a problem for Firefox and in some cases were causing security problems, has been fixed in version 8.0. All 3rd party add on installation will now be handled directly by Firefox and is disabled by default.

Download firefox 8 now
Download firefox 8 now

Other improvements / changes are

  • Start-up Time improved, preference to load tabs on demand.
  • Better memory management when using media elements.
  • HTML5 context menu support now added.
  • Improved CSS Hyphen and WebSocket support.
  • Many other stability issues fixed.

Tomorrow i.e. on 8th November 2011 anyone will be able to download the Firefox 8.0 from the Mozilla website but if you want to try the 8.0 browser now just follow these instructions.

Just click this URL and you should see the file listings on the site. You will need to browse through to  to get the Firefox Setup 8.0.exe link (if you are using a Windows operating system). File size is about 14.1 MB.

Source: GHacks

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -