Now you can keep your Computer in perfect shape by letting JetClean, do all the cleaning work. Ever wondered why your PC was getting slower and slower day by day? Well it has all to do with the Junk and the tmp files that are created whenever you execute a program apart from the many applications that you may have installed over a period of time but have never used it.

When you talk about cleaning your system and getting rid of unwanted files, who has the time for it and the whole process looks so lengthy. Here is when JetClean will come for your rescue. JetClean is free software that will keep your Computer or your Laptop clean and fresh which improves performance and gives a new PC feeling.

JetClean Features

This is a very light weight software, fast and efficient with just 2.74 MB. The JetClean comes with a powerful engine that can clean unwanted files from your PC (Apps, Applications, shortcuts etc). This software can also clean system registries.

Jetclean free System Cleaner
Jetclean free System Cleaner

This free software will automatically take backups in case you may want to undo. This software is fully customizable, you can even boost the internet and remove traces of surfing history, cookies etc.

JetClean can clean temp files, defrag and clean registry, scan unwanted software’s that you have installed but never used, optimize start-up process, internet booster and optimize memory (RAM).

How to use JetClean?

Download and install the software and then launch it. You can then choose to clean windows, apps, ram, registry and shortcuts, then press the scan now button and then follow the instructions on the screen.

Let Jetclean do all the cleaning
Let Jetclean do all the cleaning

By using this software you will find your PC or laptop is performing much better than before. Download JetClean and give your PC a new fresh look and make sure you backup your important data, you can use the free comodo online drive to temporarily save data.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -