UCWeb Inc has released the UC Browser 9.6 for Android. Apart from improved browsing experience, the 9.6 version turns your smartphone into an ultimate resource grabber. There is the easy download mode that will list all the stuffs on the webpage that can be downloaded, so you can select exactly what you want.

UC Browser 9.6 starts up faster it’s 25% faster now. Hardware acceleration has been incorporated that will make the scrolling and sliding super smooth, however this feature will work on devices with at least 2GB RAM.

Key highlights are download management, speed mode that will auto adjust depending on the network connection, auto pager that loads content on limitless pages like on social networks so by the time you reach the end of the page you already have the new content in front, customization, cloud sync and image viewer that lets you view images in one place.

uc browser 9.6

The 9.6 version is more about giving the users an easy option to grab all or selected resources from a webpage. What’s more the downloads happen in the background and gets auto reconnected when the download is interrupted.

Download UC Browser.

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  1. They always provide updates every other day 🙂 If they make mobile phones, one can expect upgrade to higher versions every now and then even before Google launches it lol 😀

  2. I am using UC HD 3.0.0, dunno if it is good or should I change over to UC 9.5? Gogi can you please help.

  3. Gogi Bhai. Happy to see the new Look of Site and congrats for the same. We are also accessing your site on Mobile. Please make it more compatible to mobile also.