Google has launched a new app the Google Camera that adds professional creative touch to photos. The Camera app also comes with the Lens Blur feature that will give the photo more SLR type effects. This apps works on devices running on Android 4.4.

The smartphone cameras are getting more and more sophisticated. The manufacturers either make use of the hardware or the software to get the desired results. The Google Camera app lens blur works somewhat similar to the Nokia Lumia 920 Refocus feature and the Samsung Galaxy S5’s selective focus feature.

With Lens Blur users can blur certain portion of the image to give a shallow depth and add more highlight on a particular subject. You can easily get this kind of effect using a digital SLR. And now you an do the same on photos shot using your smartphone.

google  camera lens blur

The Google Camera app can be downloaded from Google play. It’s 15MB, and after installing you will be able to add affect like Lens Blur, Panorama, photo sphere etc. Unfortunately many of the users might not be able to install this app because the minimum requirement is Android 4.4 – KitKat.

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  1. Google camera for Jelly Beans πŸ™‚ Just disable Google play services πŸ™‚ Working on GiONEE E7 http://

  2. In moto g it is not working I think.. panorama and photo sphere unavailable. Gogi.. is it working in your moto g?

  3. Only for 4.4..!!! Really unacceptable from Google..!! It should launch for all Android O.S.
    But I don’t want it as I using “HD Camera Ultra” app and Its awesome guy..!! just try it.

  4. Gogi sir , either xolo must provide kitkat update or Google must make this camera app compatible with 4.22. I was searching this camera app since 1 year, now its available… its a very good news. Hope either of the above must compromise Google or xolo. And when r we able to get kitkat update bro…..

    1. I am really Feduff with Google i want this app Very badly when i got to Know About “Refocus” what a point to launch it for Kikat when the Kitkat Smartphone already have a High quality camera & better Focus! It should be for Mid-segment device!

  5. Maybe folks at XDA might be able to port this one onto the lower versions of android OS πŸ™‚