Comodo is now offering 5GB of free online storage which means you can not only store all your important files, MP3’s, Videos and images on Comodo but you will also be able to access it from virtually anywhere using an internet connection.

Online storage is probably the best ways to keep a backup of your files. You can access those important files as and when required from anywhere in the world. Another smart way of using online storage is to keep important files (that you are working with) on the online storage drive, you can then access the files, modify it from anywhere and the file is always up to date.

There are quite a few sites that are offering free online storage like the dropbox which is currently offering 2GB of free space. With Comodo you get additional 3 GB which is an added advantage.

Comodo online Storage Features

  • You get an option to choose from 5GB free storage or pay $9.99 per month for a massive space of 250GB.
  • Your Online Storage space is protected by your username and password. It can be accessed via a web browser or by downloading the Comodo Online Storage client which when installed will create an online drive on your PC / Laptop. Check the image below.
5GB free Comodo Online Storage Drive
5GB free Comodo Online Storage Drive
  • The client software is easy to use and it enables the drag and drop feature. Whenever you drag any files on your computer you will see the drop zone appear, you can drop the files in that zone which will then be uploaded onto the online storage drive. The drag and drop feature though very useful can get annoying. You can disable this by right clicking the Comodo icon in task bar and un-tick Drop Zone.
Comodo Online Drive Drop Zone
Comodo Online Drive Drop Zone
  • You can save Text snippets, bookmarks, web links apart from other files.
  • You can also share files with anyone. Using your browser login to your Comodo account then select the file and click the share menu which will create a link that you can share with your friends.
  • The online drive can also be accessed via web (already mentioned above). This is useful when you are using someone else’s machine and want to access your files without downloading the client installer.
  • Files are automatically categorised on the online drive. For example you will find all the music files in the Music directory, images in images directory and so on.
Comodo storage files saved by category
Comodo storage files saved by category
  • When you install the client software you see a new drive in the My Computer window. You can access the files in that drive without having to download it. For example select media files and just right click to play it.
  • The data is securely encrypted whenever it is travelling from your computer to the online storage and visa versa.
  • The data is automatically synchronized on all computers from where you login.

What’s more when you register you get 5GB of online space for free but you can increase the space up to 10GB all you need to do is refer a friend.

So what are you waiting for get free 5GB online space now!

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -