Reliance Netconnect Wi-Fi Router slim, portable and Handy

The reliance 3G mobile broadband dongle is a good option but if you are using multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices and want to access the internet on each of those devices (sometimes simultaneously) you will need to invest in a Wi-Fi router that supports USB modems. There are quite a few Wi-Fi routers available with USB support but there is no guarantee if the USB dongle will work on it.

So the best choice in this case would be to go in for a Wi-Fi enabled 3G device like the Netconnect+ Wi-Fi router from Reliance. Usually users buy a separate Wi-Fi device and a USB mobile broadband dongle but then there is a risk as at times it gets difficult to configure the USB modem and in some cases the USB dongle hardware is not supported.

Reliance Netconnect+ Wi-Fi router features

This device is compact, slim and you can easily carry it in your pocket. Furthermore this device comes with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery so you can get the Wi-Fi network up and running almost instantly, anywhere.

Once the Reliance Netconnect+ Wi-Fi router is configured you just need to switch it on and start using it. Up to 5 users can share the internet over the Wi-Fi. The configuration, installation and activation are pretty simple and the connection is password protected for added security.

Reliance Netconnect Plus Wi-Fi router price in India
Reliance Netconnect Plus Wi-Fi router price in India

A secure Hotspot is created of around 10 meter radius and on a single battery charge the router can last for 2.5 hours in ‘ON’ state and has a battery backup of 4.2 hours.

Reliance Netconnect Wi-Fi Router Price

The Wi-Fi Router cost around Rs. 8,000 and the data plans available are as follows
Plan 1: For Rs. 950 per month you get 5 GB of free usage after which you pay 50p per MB.
Plan 2: For Rs. 1100 per month you get 10 GB of free usage after which you pay 50p per MB.
Plan 3: For Rs. 1500 per month you get 15 GB of free usage after which you pay 50p per MB.

About the Network coverage

500+ cities, 24000 towns and 6 lacs villages in India.

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